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A short poem
He had these shorts he wore
they had a hole in them

She never told him
Nope she never did

When he walked in front of her
it was all she could do
He never wore any underwear
his butt was ....well it was bare

He thought he liked the way his legs looked in his shorts
he often wore them to the tennis courts

Girls looked at him
They giggled
His butt was firm
It didn't jiggle

Then one day he did his own laundry
You know he hardly did
He notice there was a hole is those shorts
there was a hole in the butt
he got kind of angry
He said, What the fuck!

He stormed out of the laundry room
He drove to her house
He waved them in front of her
He expected her to cower like a mouse

She burst out laughing
She said, what did he care?
His butt was good looking
It liked all the fresh air

He had to agree
He admitted it was ok
So from that day on
He wore all his shorts that way


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