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continuation of the Dress.
chapter 3

I was wrong. It got much worse. For one thing, they took away my sun dress and made me wear this hideous prison outfit. Believe it nor not, it was striped. I asked the correction officer if it had a cute hat to go with it. He didn't think I was funny. I made a mental note that correction officers have no sense of humor. There I sat, looking like a cartoon character in this stupid uniform. I wondered when my lawyer was going to show up. I wonder how my husband could have died on me like that. I wondered how the hell I got myself into these situations. I got up and screamed through the bars "Guard! Guard!, I hollered. A rather small Hispanic guard showed up and asked me what I wanted. "Your a guard?", I asked in surprise. He probably wasn't more than 5'7," and I was sure he didn't weight more than 120 pounds. "yeah, I'm a guard lady, so what so you want?" he leered. I swear, he eyed me up and down, and me in that horrible prison garb. "Well, I'm bored. I wanted to know if there was anyone that would play cards with me." He looked at me like I was from another planet. "Look lady, you are in a lot of trouble. You resisted arrest and then you hit another inmate. You don't get any special privileges, even if you are a hot looking mama" "Go play with yourself", I snarled at him. He laughed, and as he was walking away I could have sworn I heard him say, "Maybe I will." Pervert I thought.

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