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Blondie is wanted Dead and he wants revenge...
Eastwood. One of the biggest and baddest cities you'll ever come to see. Its filled with New Age Cowboys, bounties, gangsters, whores,and stories of all kinds. Eastwood is the damnedest city most would run across but would like to. Its like the modern Vegas. Thats why Blondie Sanchez loves it. He lived here his whole life with his parents until they died of cancer when he was twenty. His biggest adventure happened when he was thirtyfive but I'll let Blondie finish the story.

I walked into Griff's bar. I snorted at the thick air of smoke when I walked in. It wasn't on fire but Griff sells cigarets and its his biggest seller. If you're wondering marijuana isn't illegal no more. Alot of laws seemed to disappear over time. Anyway, I sat at the bar.
"Hey,Griff. Give me a shot and make it hard."
He smiles and begins to get the shot glass
"So whats up?"
"Y'know Red Bricks Malone?" I ask him.
"Yeah. He runs the Two Zero Gang. What about him?"
"He wants me dead..."
Griff stops for a few seconds and stares at me like he saw the Angel of Mercy singing "Buttercup Baby".
"How the hell did this happen,Blondie!?" He asks nervously.
I tap the counter indicating for him to pour.
"Well,Griff, I was chasing a bounty for someone who chopped two guy's dicks off for sleeping with his wife. Pretty good bounty,Five hundred bucks. Anyways, When I finaly tailed him I shot him off his horse and I start to fire wildly at him because hes a quick bastard. Four of my hits got the motor of Red Brick's Malone car..."

Before I go on I find it my duty to make you understand why this was a horrible thing. In the future, Oil became the single most valuable thing on the whole goddamn planet. Since the value of oil went up Cars skyrocketed and less than 1 out of 300 people has even seen a car. Red Bricks Malone has the richest family in Eastwood and has a gang called Two Zero because his gang has over 200 men at his disposal. Basicaly, What I'm saying is damaging a car is worse than raping a man's wife.
Also you should know Since noone can afford cars horses are back as 1# transportation. Some people use buffalos,too but its now on the danger species list.

Griff pours the Whiskey and rubs his fuzzy chin.
"You going to leave town?" He asks.
I smile and take my shot.
I replied,"Nah, If that rich bastard wants me dead lets see him try. Whats the harm in risking my life?"
I pay Griff and leave the Saloon.
I get back on my horse and quickly jump off after hearing a gunshot. I pull out my eight-shot revolver when I noticed its just two drunks fighting over some damn whore.
I get back on my horse and ride to my hotel. I look around seeing kids plang Baseball. Yes, kids still play sports. I see some older men gambling dice. I also see a few yardsales selling pretty handy stuff.
When I reach the hotel I can't beleive what I see.
The hotel is burnt and fallen to the hard cement ground.
The owner is outside and hes all bloody weeping.
I stop my horse and walk over to him.
"What the hell happened!?" I yelled.
The owner looks up at me and slowly said,"Red Brick's soilders came by and beat me for housing you. They then started fire to my inn and threw me through the window. I thought they were done but they did worse and worse things..."
I rub my chin in disgust.
"They also said my children's blood is on your hands..."

I then notice his children covered in blood in the corner of the entrance. Some body parts are off and I can't go on what they did to them,Its too vile.
My eyes go wide in shock and my hands clench into a fist that presses so hard against my skin it bleeds.
My eyes slowly turn red from anger and my teeth clench so hard I feared they were going to shatter.
I pictured Red Bricks lauphing as his soilders beat the hell outta two little boys to death.
The blood is on my hands but I'll make for damn sure before the blood dries, my vengance is sought and just.
The owner looks at me square in the eye and says,"Kill him,Blondie. Make that bastard bleed."
"I'll make sure of it..."

I cock my gun and get on my horse. I will not run. I will not hide. That bastard ruined a man's life with no just reason. I will kill that no good monster and I'll kill him good.
I rode down to his part of town and hid my horse in a alleyway.
I walk into a bar with my gun already cocked in my holster.
"Hey listen you bunch of no good drunk bastards! I'm Blondie Sanchez. Your boss wants me in a early grave,anyone have a shovel?"
Theres about twenty men in the room with guns. They all have either decent skill and I'll-Shoot-Your-Damn-Head-off-If-you-make-a-mistake skill.

I fire two rounds into two skulls. Before they have time to fire on me I jump behind the bar. After the barrage of gunshots slow down I leap up and shoot four shots killing exactly that many.
I jump back down just in time for them to fire at me. I jump up again and made a mistake. I jumped too soon and got a hard shot in my right shoulder.
I groan in pain and leap back behind the bar before someone finishes me. By now theres four people left. The rest pissed their pants and ran for the hills.
I decide to do something they wouldn't expect...Jump at Them.
I rolled over the bar hearing the bullets whizz by my head and blast two bastards in the heart and in the head.
I aim at some bastard and pull the trigger.
No bullets came out,I forgot to reload. I quickly as I could ran to the stairs. I only in luck dodge the bullets they rained on me.When they ran up the stairs to get me I pulled out my hunting knife and stabbed the bastard in the throat. Hell of a way to die but he should've let me reload. I kick the other guy down the stairs. I as fast as I could reload my gun and fire the whole eight bullets in the bastard's head.
"Rest in peace,You little bitches." I say to the bodies that sorrounded me. Red Bricks Malone will hear about this in a hour. I should prepare.
I get back up on my horse and traveled to a weopens shop at the far end of Eastwood. Long way to go but if you want decent toys then you must go there.
"What can I get for you,Blondie?" Asks the merchant.
"Give me two bombs, some bullets for my revolver,and that shotgun in the corner with a small amount of bullets in it and put it on my tab."
I put the bombs in my pockets. They're strong and good to use. I just need the shotgun in case I'm sorrounded.
By now its been two hours,more than enouph time for Red Bricks to get a army ready.I have no army. I barely know more than ten people who own a gun.
I begin to ride to town when I see three horsemen riding towards me as fast as they can. If it wasn't for their red B Insignia I might've not known to shoot them.
I fire and hit one of the guys in the skull. I'm a pretty damn good shot. I aimed and fired again. I missed. They fire back.
One hit my horse in the brain and I fall to the cement. I drop my gun and they're riding closer. I strain to get up when one fires me in the leg. I go down. I quickly roll to my gun before one could get a good shot and blast one of the guy's horses and they both go down. He wasn't lucky as me and his horse crushed on him breaking his spine.
I don't know if he became a Vegetable or if he died instantly. To tell the truth I don't really give a shit.
The last man jumped off his horse and hid behind a mailbox.
We stood still for a moment when I heard.
"Blondie,Lets do this like real men. What do ya say?"
I pause for a while and reload my gun. I cock it and put it in my holster. I hear the other guy do the same.
We both stand up. I half expected a cheap shot right there and then but none came. We walked to the middle of the road.
We stare each other down and both wiggled our fingers near our holsters.
The man in front of me spits out some chew and I just spit out spit.
My fingers wiggle and are anxious to pull the trigger.
He has two guns and I never took time to notice which hand he draws at.
We wait what felt like a eternity when suddenly we both drew.
We fired!
I hit the gut of that Red Brick Soildering bastard and he skinned my side. Lucky for me he seemed to hurt his shooting arm when he jumped off his horse.
Thats me,a lucky son of a bitch.
Hes still alive but in major pain. His gun flew backwards,Too far for him to reach. I walked to him and put my boot on his gut wound.
"Where is that Red Brick bastard hiding?"
He groans but doesn't talk. I press down on his mark and he screams.
"Where the hell is Red Bricks!?" I yell at him.
He couphs up blood and quickly says,"West Chester's Casino..."
He couphs up more blood and I take my foot off him.
I get on his horse and asks,"You don't mind if I take this?"
"Please...tell my...family I...love them..." He stutters out.
I aim the gun at his head and tell him,"No."
I fire.
The ride to West Chester's Casino was easy. No other horsemen went after me and it seemed quiet for awhile until I glanced in the Casino's window. Hundreds of Red Brick's Soilders gambling in there.
I reload both the revolver and the shotgun.
"Lets finish this." I whisper to myself.
I storm in with my horse crashing through the door.
"Welcome to Hell!!" I scream and throw a bomb.
A loud kaboom hits the airwaves and I see lots of men dead.
Some survived and its still alot for me so I pulled out the shotgun.
I quickly keep shooting until I see the walls covered in red and the floors with bodies.
Good thing,too. I have no more bullets for the Shotgun. I throw the now useless weopen aside and march up the stairs. I duck just in time when one of Red's soilders trys to shoot me. I stab him in the gut and slit it upwards.
Another hell of a way to die but I need my bullets. Red Bricks may be the richest man in Eastwood because of his father but he got skill. Lots of skill.
I turn a sharp corner and had to waste two bullets in two gaurd's skulls. I reload again and kick open the door at the end of the hall.

My gun flies out of my hand when someone shoots me in the wrist.
Its Red Bricks Malone.
He grabs me by the collar and hits me in the face and down I go to the floor.
He lauphs as he aims the two guns hes holding at my skull.
My lip is bleeding and I stare into his unearthly eyes.
"So Mr.Blondie Sanchez think you can just walk in my town and kill half of my men and damage my car without paying?"
I spit out blood and tell him,"No,Red. I damaged your car by accident in which I'm not sure if I'm sad to have made but you had no right to kill those innocent kids. Thats when I decided to fill up alot of graves with your scum of a army."

He lauphs and circles around me.
"Oh Blondie blondie blondie...This is what happens when you fuck around with me. You will die tonight and all the people you killed tonight will mean shit. I can replace them and those blood of those two young boys still rests on your Hands!"
He then kicks me hard in the face. My right eye aches and more blood drips from my face.
"How does it feel,Blondie? How does it feel to end so many lives for nothing? Does it feel good?Does it feel Wonderful!?" He asks lauphing.
I sit up and stare him in his cold madlike eyes and say
"You're right and wrong,Red. I do feel good killing over half of your women raping,family killing men."
"Then what am I wrong about?" He asks.
I smile,"It wasn't for nothing..."
I pull a bomb out of my pocket and I watch his eyes go wide. I press it sooner than he could run.
The room exploded and the noise filled the airwaves.
My job is done.
My vengance was just.
And my hands are clean of blood.

-The End-
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