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Rated: E · Short Story · Mythology · #1059840
Just a little thing about a girl
Tantalia is good at a lot of things.
This superpower comes with working hand-painted accessories. She rarely fails, and could achieve some really big things with her life. She has confidence in abundance. Sometimes. But no consistency.
She falls short of being a genius. She’s not an expert on anything. She forgets all but an eclectic – strictly nothing concerning car engines, cognitive psychology and cheese sauces. Her voice is only impressively strong for seven days in every year. She gave up on a sporting career years ago when she grew up.
She spent her childhood trying everything, spreading her development too thinly to collect in one area. Her patience has blossomed, if not her confidence. She’s now too preoccupied to focus on her beliefs.
If she could only slow everyone else down, such a small advantage, she’d blow everyone away.
Her face is… Where most are constant, symmetrical, flawless, Tantalia knows the faults of hers. If she could remember them. She knows which is her best side. When the day is feeling cruel, she can’t help but recall the angles that light takes to most criticizes its structure. Most of all, she’s familiar, to the extent of avoiding all reflection after dusk, with the intensely fearsome quality it derives from the moonlight.
She’s slow.
What’s she destined for?
Her teenage years were spent on a sine wave. Fate took pity on her every so often, and let her write something spectacular, or play something perfectly, or entertain a room, sell a car, or be rained on with praises.
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