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What I wanted to write once...
Weeks ago, a special hoverfly was assassinated. Now his son’s been given the charge of rescuing his mate and other kidnapped insects. Syrph has to use his unique quality of imagination to recruit some interesting and brave characters to his side.
The party sets off on the unprecedented voyage, meeting curious phenomena of their immeasurable universe, but when they arrive, they are immediately attacked and disbanded.
During this time, Syrph meets a wasp girl, and they share an immediate and scandalous attraction. She forms a plan that they carry out to save the insects, but soon discover they’ve been set up. They narrowly escape death, and the girl is spurned from her colony when they return to safety.
When the heroes reunite, she is welcomed, and morale is high, despite the failed mission. The group has a perfect little society, that no one wants to leave behind. They learn that the leader of the garden – an unusual robberfly, the only other insect who can think as creatively as Syrph – has been plotting to get rid of them in a glorious battle. In plotting to avenge their enemies for the lost insects and to save the morally corrupt society that they left, the legend of the Golden Fleas is recalled. Syrph is inspired, that bringing the embodiment of a civilisation who won battles without casualties must somehow be the best step to solving their problems.
Almost by chance, the group locates the Fleas, but in the attempt to retrieve them, Syrph passes out.
During his first ever dream, he says farewell to his mate, and needs to avenge her death no longer. His return with the Fleas is now necessarily a revolution.
He wakes on the back of an eagle, with all his friends, who developed their own imagination to save him, as well as retrieve the statues. They approach the garden, as a rainstorm begins. They land, and visibility is minimal.

In one version, the insects attach together, as if they were built for this moment, and run through the onslaught of watery bombs. Syrph holds the Fleas aloft, suddenly illuminated, and finds his voice amplified.
Though the insects cannot be seen, the light penetrates the insects of the garden’s minds with a vision of how their country should work. Syrph commands them to restore their moral ways. Everyone, particularly the army waiting for the heroes, looks at life in the long term and joins the rightful side.
The leader is trapped in his greenhouse, blind to this vision. Syrph squeezes in, and they launch into a battle of the minds. The robberfly learns the meaning of things like freedom, and glory, and concedes to reform the society that everyone needs.
At this moment beauty sweeps the land – symbolically.

In another version, when the insects attach together to run through the onslaught of watery bombs, and Syrph, suddenly illuminated, voice amplified, holds the Fleas aloft, he screams a battle cry, and the Fleas explode, killing every living thing that they come to.
The leader, protected in his greenhouse, emerges to look on the carnage. Though he now has no opposition, he tries to build the society he wants, but other insects claim the garden when he dies, having accomplished nothing.
At this moment, stagnation is stubbornly clinging to the land.
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