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Is a person crazy if the things that only they can see are real? Book in progress.
Rebecca shot up to a sitting position in the sterile hospital bed. It took a second for her eyes to adjust to the darkness and another few to realize where she was.

The room was cold and devoid of light except for the soft glow coming from the moon as it peeked in on her through the window. Rebecca relaxed a little, sitting back on her pillows. She thought about the plane and the seconds leading up to the crash, but she couldn’t remember anything past the beginning of the dive. A part of her was thankful for that. She did remember the passenger next to her and a cold dread shot down her back as if someone had dropped an ice cube down her gown.

“They’re not real, they’re not. Get a hold of yourself.”

She began breathing in slow deep intervals and closed her eyes wishing him away. That was a mistake.

She heard the noise twice, the second time she knew it couldn’t be her imagination. Someone was coming down the hall. The steps were slow but unmistakable as they approached. She prayed that the nurse had seen her vitals and was coming to check on her. She fished for the bed’s call button and finding it placed her finger over it just in case.

The door slowly opened and Drake walked into the room. He appeared much the same as he had on the plane. He wore a doctor's uniform. The door closed behind him as he rounded the bed.

Rebecca’s finger instinctively hit the call button. His eyes caught her desperate act and a small smile crept up the corners of his mouth.

“Feeling better?” he said reaching her.

Rebecca looked at him searching his eyes. Was he real? What was going on? Her thoughts raced trying to comprehend. A glint of panic began in the back of her mind. Drake smiled again as if he could sense her fear, as if it amused him. It subsided when the knowledge that the nurse would be in any second chased it further back in her mind. She turned away from his steel gaze.

“Don’t want to talk? I don’t blame you. You’ve been through a lot Becca.”

Rebecca abruptly faced him as if she had been slapped.

“What, what did you call me?”

“Come on. Don’t act like you don’t know me Becca. We go way back you and I.”

“I haven’t been called that in a long time. Don’t call me that. Why are you here?”

She asked the question before thinking. She didn’t want any part of him but something inside her needed to know so the words had just tumbled out before she could stop them.

“They’re going to be coming now. I’m here to help you.”

“Who’s coming? I don’t want your help. I don’t need your help.”

Drake grinned at her.

“You seem a little unappreciative Becca. After all, I did save your life last night.”

Rebecca searched her thoughts. The only thing she knew for certain was that she wanted no part of him.

“I don’t want your help. Leave me alone. The nurse is coming. You had better leave.”

“What makes you so sure the nurse is coming?”

Panic swelled throughout Rebecca’s body. She tried to control herself but her body language spoke volumes. Drake smiled again.

“You’re so predictable. It’s almost unfair.”

Drake turned and headed for the door.

“I meant what I said though. They are coming and when they find you I can’t guarantee your safety if you don’t take my help. It’s your decision.”

He reached the door and faced her.

“Your call Becca. See ya around.”

Drake smiled then took a step back passing through the closed door. The dullness of the room re-established itself. Rebecca felt her cramping hand fall from the call button. She closed her eyes and softly cried herself to sleep.

To be continued...


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