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by JudyB
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Silly recollections of felines in the bathroom.
It is said that "Laughter is the Best Medicine", and I heartily believe that. Over the years, my husband and I have seen our feline family grow to a whopping seven kitties, who provide us with laugh after laugh.

One of their favorite rooms is the bathroom. Perhaps it is because that's where their human family pauses from their hectic rushing about, to literally sit for awhile.

Many humorous adventures have been sparked from the toilet. When Smokey was but a kitten, he insisted on following "daddy" to the toilet. One night while my husband was sitting on the throne, as he calls it, he erupted in laughter. With his briefs down on the floor, Smokey had jumped into them and curled up for a nap!

Buddy, who should more properly be named "Waterboy", is his happiest when he can find water to splash around. One night when we forgot to put the lid down on the toilet, we awoke to hear such a frenzy of splashing, we feared the worst. Turning the light on, there was Buddy standing on his hind legs, furiously pawing at the water with his front feet. He paused only long enough to give us a look, as if to say, "What? Go back to bed!"

Often I will use the toilet to throw a tissue away when I'm applying my make-up in the morning. On days when I am forgetful, which is frequently the case when I'm rushing about, Pumpkin, who apparently thinks she is a Golden Retriever, will fish the tissues out with her paw. If only I could teach her put them into the wastebasket!

Whoever said felines hate water should be introduced to my cats. Baths, yes! Water, no! Who can understand the mind of a cat?

Words 296
Plot: Toilets are where it's at for a good laugh.
Setting: At, in and near our toilet.
Beginning: Thoughts about the benefit of laughter.
Ending:A summation of our cats' antics regarding the toilet.

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