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A friend added to my poem, then I added more...and so on...
Dark and cold, bleak December
In winter’s spite the trees remember
They stand steadfast, reach for the sky
Through open arms the wind will cry
Mighty roots clutch to the earth
The passing seasons strengthen worth
All of time lives in the tree
And hints of life that’s yet to be
Through storm, through winter and discontent
Their souls remain resilient

Through every limb of every tree
Wind and snow weave majesty
From white-capped meadow to frosted glass
All have seen this darkness pass
The window’s panes overlook the snow
The frosted eyes set all aglow
Steady embers, gentle flame
Relieving chill, he says her name
Snow collects on windowsill
As hours pass and time stands still

Crystalline prisms on frosted glass
Reflecting shimmers not soon to pass
An icy banshee in the night
Blows arctic breath through crystal light
Sturdy limbs groan under weight
With winter’s message tempting fate
He comes in splendor draped in white
Adorned in green and river ice
He takes her hand and leads her where
All things must die but live again

In frozen time where hours still
He tests the strength of heart and will
Three seasons gone but one remains
To diamond flakes and frozen rain
A bit of life still dares to breathe
And clings to frozen winter’s sleeve
In sun’s gold glow devoid of heat
All things reborn all things complete…
Whatever was of time and place
Reflected in each other’s face

Joining hands they both surmise
Flickering embers in darkened eyes
Through the shortest day, the darkest hour
Spirits joined, they feel the power
By winters witch the spell is cast
Through Odin’s wind and arctic blast
Of crystal froze in frozen time
Of hearts and glass and shards of wine
Love is tested bent like tin
The soul of spring lies deep within

A quiet spring a hollowed tree
The arrow longs the bow to free
A speck of green, a breath of light
Folded within the souls delight
A gentle pulse, a soothing hush
Whispered from each tree and bush
The naked ground on which they stand
Is all in Mother Nature’s command
With flowing rings of golden hair
Cascading down her shoulders bare

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