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Our words last long after our last breath. We each become the other.
Verses of the peony

Go plant a ginkgo at my head,
a peony at my feet.

Remembered for a few short years,
then forgotten bones and meat.

Except in verse that I now write,
its rhythm from your heart

that vibrates through the universe,
their virtues never lost,

transformed intó magnetic bits,
the glue that surely binds,

protons from me reverb in you,
electrons from you in mine,

engraved into an unkempt stone
snug by a stump of tree;

and blooming by my dusty feet,
one last pink peony.

© Kåre Enga [163.38] (4.april.2006)

16 lines: xaxa xbxb ... mostly 8/6 σ.

First posted in my blog entry of 5 april 06: "Henbit
Lightly edited 29.avgust.2020.

Some peony links:
http://www.peony.com.au/ (Peony Lady of Australia)
http://www.peony-flower.com/ (Chinese)

Submitted August 2020 to: "Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest Paused
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