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About my horse Summer that died
I never thought I'd do the things
I've done and do each day
I never thought I'd see the things
I've seen along the way

And I never thought I'd feel such pain
As I did on that June day
For I never thought the end would come
At least, not in that way

For I know the love you felt for me
Each time I heard you bray
And I knew your heart was willing
Yet your spirit'd flown away

And even though you seemed to smile
As you dragged yourself in pain
I couldn't help but delay a while
The ending of our play

I harboured such a sinking hope
And suppressed a rising fear
For I knew the end for both of us
Was quickly drawing near

I didn't get to say goodbye
You had to die alone
I don't know if you were frightened
Or if my absence you'd condone

But I know that you're not scared now
I know that you're ok
Because in the place you're at now
It is Summer everyday

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