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A story about Santa's daughter if he had one.
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Santa has a little Princess. He has a daughter. Her name is Crystal who has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She has porcelain skin. She is now seventeen years as of this writing. She has always been a sweet little girl who loves living at the North Pole with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. She loves living at the castle of her parents. She loves the elves, the reindeer, polar bears, snow men and all the woodland animals that live there. She has a pet cat named Snow who is pure white. There are only three humans who live at the North Pole. Crystal is at the age that she reads romance books and sadly realizes that there is no one for her to marry. She needs to leave the North Pole to do this. Crystal packed a suitcase of clothes, food, her favorite dolls and toys{for little children she may meet along the way}. She dressed up in her red velvet dress, matching coat and red boots. She didn't tell her parents she was leaving. She hitched up the reindeer and left in the middle of the night. She had been with her father every Christmas Eve so she knew how to get the sleigh and deer up in the air.

Crystal got the sleigh and reindeer in the air and she thought what a beautiful starry night. The reindeer loved to fly. All of a sudden, fog drifted in and the stars were gone. The reindeer lost altitude and started to descend to earth. "Oh no!" exclaimed Crystal. The sleigh and deer landed with a bounce on freshly fallen snow. Crystal jumped out of the sleigh and hugged the reindeer. "Are you alright?" She hugged and kissed them on their noses. They licked her face. They were alright. She was so relieved. She looked around to see where they had landed. There were woods near by and a big Victorian Mansion with smoke coming out of the chimney. The house was pink colored and looked so inviting. She cautiously approached the house. There was a young man inside playing classical music. He had black hair and he looked lonely. Crystal thought that he was handsome and a Prince. She knocked on the door. The man answered the door and couldn't believe that a beautiful young woman was standing at his door. Adrian Phillips was twenty-two and lived alone. His parents were dead and he was a first year second grade school teacher. He was handsome but when it came to dates, he was like John Arbuckle of "Garfield."

Adrian smiled at the young woman. "May I help you?"

Crystal smiled. "Hi. I am Crystal Claus. My sleigh and reindeer landed near your house by the woods. I am so cold. May I come in?"

Adrian thought that he was dreaming. He nodded his head and opened the door. "Come in."

Crystal came in. Adrian beckoned for her to sit on the the blue flowered couch. "Would you like a mug of hot chocolate?"

"Yes, thank you." Crystal smiled.

Adrian made hot chocolate and Crystal looked around the house. There were Thomas Kincaid pictures on the wall. There were lighthouse decorations all over. The furniture was all cherry wood. Crystal had never seen a house before. The elves has little houses made out of candy and ice. Tinseltown stayed cold and snowy all the time.

Adrian handed Crystal the hot chocolate. He asked her. "You said you have a sleigh and reindeer?"

"Yes. I am Santa's daughter. I have a mother, too. Who are you?"

"I am Adrian Phillips. Forgive me but everyone knows that Santa doesn't really exist."

Crystal started to cry. "Yes, he does! He is my father. Do you not like me? Why would you say something so cruel?"

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. Of course, I like you." Adrian patted Crystal's shoulder and Crystal liked that.

Crystal nodded. "Would you like to see the reindeer and sleigh?"

Adrian sighed. "Yes, I would."

Crystal finished her hot chocolate and Adrian put on his coat, hat and gloves. He followed Crystal outside and when they got to the reindeer and sleigh, Adrian couldn't believe it! There were eight brown pretty reindeer and a red metal sleigh!

Crystal held out her hand. "Come and meet the reindeer." Adrian petted the reindeer as they licked his face. This must be a dream he thought. Crystal asked Adrian: "Will you be my husband?"

Adrian was so confused. He thought to himself. A beautiful woman says she is Santa Claus' daughter and wants to marry him. He is petting Santa's reindeer. Now, he knew that he was dreaming!

Adrian slowly let the words that Crystal say sink in. He sighed and tried to answer her with a gentle response. "Crystal, you are a beautiful young lady and seem to be so well bought up. You can't ask a man to marry you. Men and women date first and get to know each other before they commit to each other. I would love to have a beautiful wife like you but we just met. I would love to get know you better but if you are Santa's daughter, I wouldn't be able to go to the North Pole to see you. I don't have a sleigh and reindeer."

"I guess I don't know about men and women. All I know is what I read in fairy tales. I could visit you. Why don't you come home with me to meet my parents? You could stay with us all weekend. Please say yes." Crystal's eyes danced as they pleaded.

"Alright. I will pick some things and go back with you to your parents. No one would ever believe this. I would love to meet Santa Claus!"

Crystal laughed and Adrian took a hold of Crystal's hand and went into the house and packed some clothes. Crystal noticed that Adrian had a Santa sleigh and reindeer ornament made out of ceramic sitting on the fireplace in the Den. Crystal smiled.

Adrian questioned his own sanity but he he didn't go anywhere except to his teaching job. He looked forward to riding in a sleigh and meeting Santa Claus. He had all his things packed that he needed for the weekend. Tinseltown, here I come!

Adrian came downstairs with his suitcase and Crystal hugged him. He really liked Crystal as he hugged her back. He just hope Santa and Mrs. Claus would like him. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? He would probably never get another chance to go out with a beautiful young woman. Santa's daughter? This would be an adventure!

Adrian and Crystal walked to the sleigh and the reindeer gently pawed the snow. Adrian got in the sleigh and looked around. He was glad he didn't have any neighbors. Crystal got in the sleigh beside him. "Okay, boys! Let's go home!"

The sleigh gently and slowly rose into the sky. Adrian thought it felt like those of carnival rides but it was slower and like an airplane that wasn't enclosed. The chill of the night settled on him and he was so glad that he was dressed warm. Adrian looked at all the stars in the sky. This was Heaven.

Crystal asked Adrian what he thought. He looked at Crystal's angel face and said this was a beautiful journey. He had just met Crystal but he already loved her. The sleigh moved at a gentle pace and Crystal held the reins and the reindeer kept flying. Before they knew it., they were landing at the North Pole. Polar bears were playing with snowmen. There was Santa's castle, three stories tall and the red and white striped candy cane flag. Adrian couldn't believe this. Crystal guided the sleigh into the barn and she and Adrian got out as she unhitched the reindeer. She hugged each deer as each one licked her face. She took Adrian's hand as they walked to the castle.

Crystal opened the castle door and Santa ran and hugged Crystal. "Princess! Where have you been? Mamma and I were so worried!"

Adrian looked at Santa. A heavy set man in a red suit with hair as white as snow. A kind face with twinkles in his eye and love for his little girl. Just then a plump, pretty woman with fadind blonde hair ran into the room. She exclaimed: "Crystal, Dear! Oh my Baby! Where have you been? We love you and missed you!"

"Mamma, Papa. I want you to meet Adrian. I want him for a husband. I left for earth to find someone. We have no men here." Crystal hugged her mother.

Santa looked at Adrian. He stuck out his hand. "Nice to meet you young man." Adrian shook Santa's hand. He thought what a nice old man.

"I have heard so much about you since I was a child. Crystal told me about you. It is so hard to believe that you are real."

Santa laughed. His belly did shake like a bowl full of jelly. "Young man. My home is your home. Please don't marry my daughter just. yet. Mamma, get our guest a cup of hot chocolate."

Adrian was embarrased. He didn't want to get marry too soon. He kept thinking that he was dreaming. Crystal ran to Adrian's side. "Aren't my parents the best?" Adrian had to agree. They reminded him of his parents and grandparents. He sure missed them.

Mrs. Claus came back with a mug of hot chocolate. Adrian sat down at the table that seated fifty people. Santa, Mrs. Claus and Crystal sat by him. Mrs. Claus patted Adrian's hand. He just smiled. When he tasted the hot chocolate, it was so delicious. What was the secret? Now, he knew that he was in Heaven!

Santa asked Adrian where he was from. He told them, Maine. That was where Crystal had landed the sleigh. Some of the elves came in. They were only three feet tall. They looked like little old men and one was a young girl. They all had pointed ears and their toes were pointed in their shoes. Adrian thought they were so cute. They looked liked the seven dwarfs out of Snow White. Santa introduced them. Morgan, Cinnamon, Cane, Hector, Pepper, Newgent and the girl was Snow Bell. They were dressed in red and green. Adrian tried to take everything in. This was incredible. The elves hugged Crystal. It was obvious that they loved her like she did all of them. Adrian knew that Crystal was the girl for him.

Adrian enjoyed spending the weekend in Tinseltown. He got to pet polar bears and was amazed at how friendly they were. Crystal introduced him to talking snowmen and he even helped the elves make toys. Adrian didn't want to leave but Santa and Crystal took him back to his house in the sleigh with the reindeer.

Adrian was glad to get back home. Santa and Crystal had taken him home in the sleigh. Crystal said she would be back next weekend since Adrian would be off and not teachimg school. He kissed Crystal's hand and held it for a long time before she and Santa left to go back to the North Pole.

Adrian thought about her all week. He couldn't call her. He didn't know if she had a phone. He was afraid he had dreamed the whole thing. He hoped not.

Friday night came and Adrian heard sleigh bells in the sky. He looked outside and saw the red sleigh landing. Crystal was back. She was real!

Crystal got out of the sleigh and came to the door. He was so happy to see her. They embraced. She had missed him as much as he missed her.

They sat on the couch. He asked how her week had been. Crystal smiled as Adrian handed her a cup of tea.

"The elves were busy making toys. I wrote some new children's fairy tales. I thought about you."

"I thought about you, too" Adrian looked at Crystal and thought she looked like an angel when she smiled.

"Father wants you to stay with us tonight and tomorrow. Mom and Dad said I can't stay with you."

Adrian agreed. He went back with Crystal to the North Pole.

Adrian and Crystal fed the reindeer and helped the elves make toys. Adrian loved being with Crystal. She thought he was wonderful and he thought she was beautiful and perfect.

Crystal took Adrian home Sunday night and he kissed her. Crystal was breathless. This was a first kiss for both of them. "Oh, Adrian I think I love you." She blushed.

"I think love you, too. He kissed her again. They hated to say good bye but Crystal told Adrian she would be back next weekend.

Adrian saw Crystal the following Saturday night and she took him back to the North Pole to stay the weekend. He had his own room there and he loved Mrs. Claus' cooking. He and Crystal would hug and kiss. This went on for weeks. Finally, Adrian decided that he wanted to marry Crystal.

The following Friday night, Crystal showed up with the sleigh and reindeer like always. They kissed and Adrian got down on one knee.

"Crystal, I love you. I love being with you and your parents. I want you to live with me. Will you marry me?" Adrian showed Crystal a big diamond ring in a box.

"Oh, Adrian, I love you with all my heart. Yes, I will marry you." Adrian and Crystal kissed.

They went back to the North Pole to tell Santa and Mrs. Claus and they were so happy. Adrian and Crystal had a Wedding at the castle and the elves attended the Wedding. One of the elves performed the service. He had a minister's license. Adrian and Crystal looked so happy. They lived at Adrian's Victorian mansion and spent the weekends at the castle at the North Pole. Crystal and Adrian had a little girl. Santa and Mrs. Claus were so pleased. They also got a black cat and a tabby cat. True love and Santa's daughter. Adrian thought it was a great combination and they lived happily ever after.

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