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Fantasy writers, check out the e-zine "Deep Magic" at http://www.deep-magic.net
I'd like to recommend the e-zine "Deep Magic" which often has stories by authors who admire CS Lewis (like me!) Over the last 4 years "Deep Magic" has been a quality e-zine that welcomes submissions from new authors. They were my first paid sale.

They publish in PDF format that includes reprints of beautiful SF and Fantasy genre artwork by established and newer artists. In addition to their fiction, they include articles on the craft of writing and interviews with successful writers and artists from around the world.

Deep Magic will not fit the taste of every reader--it's generally less cynical and more hopeful--without being sticky-sweet. Its fiction ranges from light and fun to more serious explorations of social and moral issues. Though most DM stories would fit into the PG-13 rating, the editors will publish stories with sharp edges when those edges are integral to the story.

I'm a fan. The editors of this e-zine have been working hard to mature Deep Magic from from a non-paying to a paying market. That's a hard transition to make. Check them out and see if this an e-zine that you would want to read and support.

Read the latest issue at: http://www.deep-magic.net

Dave Eland
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