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Rated: E · Other · Romance/Love · #1116218

by Bren Yarbrough Bruhn

ISBN 1424124263

PublishAmerica, 2006

304 pp, paperback

Retail price $24.95

"This is a delightful story that is well plotted, visually descriptive with well-drawn characters. There is something for everyone in this story: history, romance, pathos, suspense and humor. The history of Florida and the Seminole Indians is factual, interesting and enlightening. As a history buff I particularly enjoyed revisiting the wars between the US and the Seminoles. The romance was strong and relied heavily on the "it takes three logs to build a fire" philosophy of that genre only occasionally resorting to pseudo tough-love tactics.... The reader was effectively hooked to read on in suspense to discover the secrets of her past life. The humor was handled as a natural and integral extension of the romantic theme.

The author's description is excellent, particularly of the visual. As a native of a nearby and similar region I know if sound (of insects) and smell (of pluf mud) descriptions of equal quality had been added the reader would have been completely transported to the Peace River Valley.

The weak portion of the story was the ending. I wasn't ready to forget the remaining characters at that point because they had become too real to me. Though I'm sure that was the Epilogue's purpose it did not compensate for that fact. I find this is often the case in stories with believable, interesting and sympathetic characters. An enjoyable story."

Review by Nan Seal

Nan Seal is a southerner from the USA, and has worked in academia as a researcher, administrator and teacher. Since retirement she has changed her focus from science to the Arts, opening a studio in her home town.

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