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the interaction betwen the writer and God.
In The Garden One Day.

In the garden one day, as I was sitting after along walk.
Looking here and there, I started noticing the beauty
Of the nature that the lord had created.

The green grass, the blue sky, the tall trees, the cute little
Small flowers & the beautiful smell of the soil which
Reminded me of the classic & stormy rainy days.

But then suddenly, I heard someone calling my name.
I looked here & there in search of a face, my eyes knew,
But I found none.

But then again, I heard someone call my name.
I looked here & there, but found no one.
And as I moved to search from where that voice
Was coming I felt someone pat my shoulder.

And I looked to my right. To my surprise I saw a person,
Sitting next to me, who said, “it was I who called u”.
His face was as radiant & bright as the sun.
His robe as white as the snow.
His hands as clean & soft to touch as a baby.

Then he asked me, what do u see around?
I said, “The beauty of the beautiful nature”.
Then he asked,”what is the one thought which comes to your
Mind when you see this nature?”
I said, “the lords beauty & the peace in his love”.

Then he asked me, “do you like these flowers?” I said,
“Yes I love them”. He said, “what do you think when you see them ?”
I said, “I will pluck em & keep them in my house as a showpiece in
My vase. Then he asked. “and what after they wither & die?”
I said, “ I will throw them out”.

Then he asked me, “do you like water?” I said, “off course, if I don’t
Get water for a week, I will die of thirst .” he asked, “why?”.
I said, “why means, god made water so that humans may have life.”
Then he asked me, “what would you do if someone broke your painting
Or anything you made with lot of love & care ?”
I said, “I would either insult or break or beat that person or his things.”

The he spoke, “now think, how I must be feeling when you humans destroy
What I have given you for your good itself.
And before I could say or do anything, he just vanished & I kept on thinking
What he said. Just then I heard my friend call me.

And I looked around to see whether I can find that person anywhere, but no !
I could not see him anywhere. My friend asked me on my way what was I thinking,
But I said nothing to her.
And as I thought of plucking some beautiful flowers on my way back home, his words came to my mind which stopped me from doing so.

When I went home, my mom asked me, I dint bring any flowers today? I said nothing & ate my food & went to my room.
But I could not sleep. Then I called my mom & told her everything that had happened with me ‘ I the garden’.

‘ and she said, it was none other than god himself who came to meet me & make me realize what I was doing & what he wanted me to do. That is the message he wanted to share with the world through me.

So friends, maybe as god made me realize & told me to make you realize too.
He might meet you in the garden one day & say, “WELL DONE MY CHILD”.

That is the message he wanted to share with the world through me.

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