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First draft and first thing that I have written in 10 years, feedback would be apreciated.
          For eight years now I have been with her.
          When we met, we were in a bar I was having a drink after work watching a little baseball with the other barflies just putting off the time when I had to go home. She was already quite drunk when I got there and the only reason I noticed her was because she was the loudest person at the bar, quite honestly I was surprised she hadn’t been cut off yet.
          She got up and as she was passing me she stumbled and spilled her drink on me, I cursed under my breath because I was going to have to get the suit dry cleaned now, and I would be smelling like Jack and Coke until I got home. I wasn’t too upset though, she was very attractive and very drunk, and it was time I had the suit cleaned anyway, but I was tired and my team was losing. So when she said, well maybe it was more of the slurred, “I’m sorry, is there anything that I can do? Do you want me to pay for cleaning?” It didn’t help that she was laughing while she said this.
          “Yeah,” I replied, “you can fucking blow me!” I got up to go into the bathroom to try to get some of the alcohol out. I had my back to the door and was trying to blot out the mess on my shirt with some paper towels when I heard the bathroom door open without looking up I start talking about how people who couldn’t handle their drink shouldn’t drink in public when I was grabbed by the shoulder and was starting to be pushed toward a stall “Dammit the chick is having her boyfriend come in here to take care of me for that comment, why the hell couldn’t keep my mouth shut.” I thought. After I got pushed into one of the stalls, I turned cocking a fist ready to defend myself against her boyfriend. I was just about to take a swing when I saw that it was her, the girl (for that was what she was, couldn’t be much more than twenty-one) was standing there reaching for by pants when I asked “what the hell are you doing in here?”
          “I’m doing what you asked me for spilling my drink.” She slurred at me trying to focus her eyes on me. She once again started for my zipper letting the stall door close behind her as she got down on he knees in front of me. For the next few minutes I got the best blowjob I have ever had in my life to that point. As I started to reach a climax I couldn’t help but to grab her by the hair, which seemed to encourage her to go even harder, until I came with her swallowing every drop and trying for more.
          AS I leaned against the wall catching my breath and waiting for the strength return to my legs she gently closed up my pants and stood up. She reached into her purse handed me a card with a phone number on it and said that her name was Megan and I should call her.
          As she left the bathroom, I couldn’t help but to gape alternately between her and the card she had handed me. It wasn’t until the door had shut behind her that I realized that she had lost both her slur and stumble at some point between spilling her drink and getting off of her knees.
          For the next couple of days I couldn’t think of much else than Megan and her card in my pocket. I mean come on after a blow job that almost literally knocked me off my feet what else would I think about. Finally I got up the nerve to pull her card out of my wallet and call her, to my surprise she answered the phone, top my greater surprise she remembered me and gave me her address asking if I could come over then. I did.
          When I arrived at her house, she pulled me in before I could even knock on the door. After the door was closed, she dropped to her knees and opened my pants, I was already rock hard without any of her practiced coaxing. Megan went to work on me almost bringing me to a climax before standing and grabbing my cock. Pulling me by my member she took me to the bedroom, as she took off her clothes she said “now lets see what you can do for me.”
          I went to my knees before the bed, spread her legs and started going down on her. She was already soaked, later I learned that she got off by giving head, it didn’t take long before I had her at a screaming climax. She thrashed around on the bed with my head closed like a vice in her thighs screaming like bloody murder, and I have to admit I almost came at the sound of it. When finally I was allowed to come up for air she threw me down on the bed and mounted me. Ever hear of a sucking pussy? Well she had one and oh my god was it amazing. Was one orgasm enough for this girl? Hell no I came three times before I was allowed to rest.
          This was the beginning of our relationship, no dating, no courting, no meeting mom and dad, just good ole fucking. We would meet either at her place or at my work and just fuck.
Megan was into and willing to try anything and everything she brought the toys, she brought the games, and best of all she brought the other women. Never did I have to ask to try or do something different she was already planning what to do next, and believe me it never got boring.
          Eight years we have been fucking no less than three times a week and if she is on the rag I get one of those amazing blow jobs which have only gotten better over time, and it still amazes me that she comes while giving me one.
          Eight years. They were a good eight years. Now Megan is on her way over to help me paint the show room that I painted earlier this evening, the plastic is still in place and the paint is still out but I have a surprise for her this time and I don’t want to spoil it by her not thinking that we will be painting.
          I am waiting on the couch when she gets here, I planned this well, I know her cycle as well as she does. She comes over to me and kneels down before me “Do you need some motivation?” she asks as she pulls out my dick. Without waiting for a reply she wraps her lips around and starts doing what she does best.
          One of the things that I learned over the years is that sometimes when I am about to cum she likes it when I grab her hair and pull her off me and cum in her face. Megan is between my legs doing her thing and I know that she is starting to cum because I feel her lips tighten around me and she starts to shake and make a humming moan onto my dick that drives me nuts. As I feel myself getting ready to blow my load, I grab her hair with my left hand, and reach under me with my right.
          During the next few moments I flash through the eight years of our “relationship,” and when I reach the end of it I begin to cum, I pull her off of me the same time as I pull the knife out from the couch and slice her throat with it. I feel myself cumming on her face and in her hair in unison with her life fluid pumping from her throat onto my chest and crotch. Never before have I had an orgasm like this one.
          After Megan has finished dying, I take off the clothes that I had been painting in and wrap them and her in the plastic I have to cover the couch. I take them into the back room and unwrap the refuse, for that is all she is now, I lift them up onto the rollers and push them into the incinerator that I had fired up before she got here. Damn it’s good to work in a crematorium.
          While the refuse is burning down to ash, I have time to go into the small bathroom that I keep in the store for those occasions that I need to clean up before leaving. I take a quick shower to rinse the blood off of me then get back into my suit. I check and see how far along the cremation is going.
          You know I think I will get home in time to tuck in my children and maybe even fuck my wife.
          Today was a good day.
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