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This story is one of several created while working near Yellowstone one summer.

Somehow the camera was lost during our last hike in the park. But since dark isn’t a good time to hike anywhere in Yellowstone, we decided to go back in the morning to search.

Up the hill, two miles in and there it was, near the big spruce. The digital Nikon was still in the pack, right where Bill had left it. What a miracle! We headed back to our car, anxious to get on the road back home.

Dealing with work and mail kept us busy so several days went by before we unloaded the camera. We had been on a month-long trip to the West. I guess we shot over 1,000 pictures.

“Honey – look at this!”

“What? What’s the matter?”

“Look at these last few shots. Tell me I’m not losing my mind here.”

Bill showed me the last five pictures. But now I think I’m losing my mind just telling you this. There are pictures of bears, not uncommon pictures from visiting Yellowstone. But when was the last time you saw pictures of bears at a campfire roasting marshmallows??
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