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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Thriller/Suspense · #1132096
The Calling. The Gathering.
"Dark Seed"
By: James Dudeck

Chapter One: "The Calling. The Gathering."


"You wont believe the shit that happened to me last night, man." Josh said as he turned to James, "I mean some shit that goes past my usual oddity." Josh had always had this strange effect on street lights to where, if they were off, they would turn on when he walked by them, and if they were on, they would turn off. It never happened to James when he was alone, but it almost always happened when he was with Josh, just to make it even more strange. "I was looking online about that new movie Silent Hill and found out it was based on this small town in Pennsylvania. Some small assed town by the name of Centralia. So, I went to Google, to do a search on it, and my computer didn't wanna load Google. When I refreshed the page, my search was already there, and in a few seconds of staring at it, my computer took me to a site all about it."

"You truly are a freak, dude. Seriously, you're a 19 year old kid, who magically screws with, now, almost any damn electrical thing you get within 10 feet from." James said sarcastically. James was an 18 year old high school drop out, that just happens to be brilliant with computers. "I'm going to be 19 next month, and the only thing I can really do is fix any problem a computer has. Just don't come around me when you start screwing with house lights and ghosts come flying out your magically freakish ass." James's tone changed from sarcastic to somewhat humorous. He knew that Josh's "ability" had nothing to do with anything, especially not ghosts.

"Yeah, and you haven't even heard the weirdest part yet. When I finally came out of my confused daze, I noticed something wet on my mouth and the front part of the neck of my shirt was nearly soaked. I had a serious nose bleed." James became more confused than humored now with Josh's last statement. "I haven't had a nose bleed since I was 8, and I only got that one after a kickball nailed me in the face at recess."

"Dude, we seriously need to go to this town before we die." James was now completely drawn into this whole thing, and wanted to find out first hand whats so damn special about this town. "I mean, if all this happened to you just from you trying to do a search on it, you know I got to go there." James has always been interested in the paranormal. Not just the shit with the ghosts, but all of it. Things that are there, but shouldn't exist; things that exist, but aren't always there. The whole idea of entering into something you didn't fully understand completely engulfed James's mind into a state of numbed happiness.

"Hell yeah! Maybe it'll be kinda like the movie Silent Hill. A town, that really isn't a town, luering us into it, and to our death." Josh said with a bit of laughter in his voice. "A rather horrible death at that, mate." Josh's voice turned to that of a poorly imitated version of one of those picturesque horror movie announcers you hear on the TV

In a near fit of laughter, James was able to get out, "We can only hope." James laughed a little bit harder for a few seconds, and then violently started to cough. He ran to the downstairs bathroom and then preceded to cough up blood. Then, just as quickly as it hit him, it stopped. "Fucking Newports are killing me already." James had always tried to quit. Tried, what seemed to him like, a million times. It always went the same way each time. He'd do good for a day or two, then he'd get some money, and get his 'beloved' Newport 100's, always in a box. He flushed the toilet and walked out of the bathroom.


Not even three days later, James and Josh went to go hang out with Greg and Allison. Josh told them exactly what he had told James. They didn't yet know about his effect on street lights, but that didn't matter much. They were still somewhat freaked out by what happened. Josh didn't think Allison fully believed him, but he knew Greg did.

"Dude, that's some crazy stuff there." Greg said with enthusiasm. "I used to be obsessed with that town. Long before that Silent Hill movie was even in development." That was the truth. Greg had been obsessed with Centralia, and it annoyed the hell out of his girlfriend, Allison. "I've always wanted to go there, and now you come along telling me this, dude, we need to go."

Everyone seemed to be in tune with this little road trip from the start, everyone except Allison, that is. "And just what in the hell do you expect me do to on this trip, or do you just expect me to stay here while you go on your hunt for your death?" Allison protested. She was more annoyed with this town now more than ever. "I can't believe you people are so damn interested in this place. It's just a stupid town. That's all, nothing more, nothing less."

"No, it's not just any town. The town just happens to be burning, beneath the ground. The town just happened to have nearly 2000 people in it, as where now, no more than 11 reside there. This town just isn't a town. It's a town that isn't really a town at all." Josh nearly barked back at Allison, trying to make her see just what is so 'great' about this 'damned place'. "Every step you take, could be your last. The ground could collapse beneath your weight, and you could fall into the 'firey abyss'." Josh said that last statement with a more comical tone.

Reluctantly, Allison finally agreed to going on this little 'adventure' of theirs. "I'll go, under one condition, after we visit Centralia, we gotta go somewhere else too."

The three others agreed to her terms and began to plan who would do what, and how much gas was going to cost. They all agreed that thirty or fourty dollars from each person would more than cover the cost of gas. They set the dates of the trip on the July 4th weekend.

"We're really gonna go?" James asked the group, as if confirming everyone's agreement to it, officially. They were going, and it excited James and Josh. Just knowing what happened to this town was enough to put a smile on their face, but to actually go - that was a whole different ball game.

The night before their departure, everyone gathered at Greg's house, to stay the night. At about midnight, Greg and Allison went to bed, but James and Josh decided to go ahead and stay up all night, seeing they were to get up in only nine hours. James and Josh were the type of people that could go to sleep at ten o'clock at night, then sleep until noon. They knew they wouldn't wake if they were to go to sleep.

"What do you really think is going to happen tomorrow?" James questioned Josh.

"I don't know. I mean, probably nothing too exciting, as far as death is concerned." Josh said in complete honesty. "The grim reaper will have a pretty boring day with us tomorrow."

What they didn't know though, is that the next two or three days would change them, and bind them together for life - if they still had one that is.

Author's Note:

This chapter, as odd as it may seem, is the complete truth. The only thing fictional is the names of my friends. "Josh" does have that strange effect on the street lamps and had the whole google thing happen to him 3 days before we decided to go on the trip. The next chapter though, is somewhat the truth, but mostly fictional. Centralia really exists and at the end of the next chapter I'll include a brief history of the "town". I hope to make this atleast a 3 part story, maybe more. I'd appreciate your reviews/comments.


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