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by Adnan
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A brief narrative of the great navigator.
Christopher Columbus Narrative

I am Christopher Columbus, “The Admiral of the Ocean”. I found a new route to Asia, where I encountered the natives of the Indies, Indians. We traded with them and received parrots and spears. I set sail for Spain and I was hailed as a hero.

However, I returned to Hispaniola to find my fort burned to the ground and my forty men were out of sight. I made a new fort, naming it Isabella, and later I captured five hundred Indians. They were enslaved and shipped back to Spain.

I returned to Spain in 1496, after I established the gold collection system. I had to answer charges, but fortunately, I was allowed to travel back. There, again in the Indies, I ventured further south.

I was forced to return to Hispaniola due to my ailing health. There was more fighting started between our men and Indians. They were just uncontrollable. Soon, a rebel group tried to overtake the island. However, I had most of them hanged until Bobadilla arrived.

I was arrested and sent back to Spain, where I am now awaiting trial.

Christopher Columbus
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