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by Ruby Davis, published on her behalf. Update: Ruby passed away 5-14-17
just stretch as far as my body would allow

as if I am reaching for the first fruit

from my mother's apple tree

close these lids which are so heavy & weighty

ignoring the dull pain from the dry exposed

eyes that have seen far too much

and give way to the light sensation

float into the air and let my body

feel the rush of cool relaxation

venturing into the unknown

longing for release from this tired body

seeking sweet refuge in His love

Copyright ©2006 Renee Fowler

Working in the medical field, I all too often witness the struggles of the terminally ill. They fight with everything that they have inside of them, when the battle is finally over...I feel a sense of relief. I know that may sound horrible, but to watch someone suffer is far worse then praying that they reach that point of "sweet sleep". I personally don't know what it feels like to stand on the abyss of death and fall in. I can only guess that it must feel like a much desired sleep after reaching the point of sheer exhaustion. This poem is dedicated to two beautiful women who have touched my life, both of whom lost a hard fought battle against cancer while in their prime.
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