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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1145288
It is about a boy with a magic pen and he has to escape his kingdom to rescue his parents.
“That is so un-fair!” Eesmacck Udero complained. His mom, Eesma Udero replied, “No more, Eesmacck now go to your room” On his way there he saw his dad, Eesuarccko Udero. When he finally got to his room, I said finally because he lives in a big castle (his mom and dad are queen and king), he plopped down on his bed. Although his mom had gotten mad at him he was happy. His mission had been complete; he likes playing “Army” once in a while. Eesmacck was a pale, brown-haired boy, with dark tan eyes. He was fairly tall for being only 14 years old.

His parents were the greatest king and queen who had ever benefited the land of Mundunda. Their kingdom was the largest of all the others. They had at-least 800,000,000 troops, and 10,000 cavalry. Ok now back to Prince Eesmacck. His “mission” was to collect a pen, which was the “hostage”, held by the evil “Thangrill Troopers”. “BING-BONG, BING-BONG,” went the royal grandfather clock, it signaled 2:00 PM. It was time for Eesmacck’s history lesson. His tutor, Professor Shard, said that today’s lesson was going to be about “The Pen,” Eesmacck thought it would be best to bring a pen, so he brought his “hostage pen.”

The moment he showed Mr. Shard, he let out a dramatic gasp. Lura Arul, the head housemaid instantly dropped her cleaning bucket. “What is it Sir,” asked Eesmacck. “That, that pen, it glows ever so faintly,” remarked Professor Shard. “Child, shall you write with this pen,” said Mrs. Arul. “Aye,” said Eesmacck. “Wow, I guess I never noticed that it glows dimly when it touches paper,” said Eesmacck. Mr. Shard said, “This, this here pen, is “The Pen”, it glows brightly when there are enemies near.” “This very pen is what I was going to tell you about,” said Mr. Shard. “Anyways, keep it safe, very safe, you shall never let anyone see it closely or use it,” said Mr. Shard. “The pen, what ever you draw with it becomes real, in the air, on paper, whatever,” said Mrs. Arul. “ If you believe you have lost it, blow any whistle and my sister, Luta Arul will come,” said Mrs. Arul. “Don’t worry, Ms. Arul will keep it a secret, she once kept my deepest, darkest secret for 8 years, and still hasn’t let it slip out her mouth to a soul,” said Mrs. Arul. “I’ll try my best,” said Prince Eesmacck. “BING-BONG, BING-BONG, BING-BONG,” the grandfather clock signaling 3:00 PM already.

Later that day, around 6:30 PM it was time for his riding lessons. He met Mr. Forse on the courtyard. He said today would be a free day, in which he could do whatever he wanted with his horse. So Eesmacck took his horse, Mergunb, for a ride around the trail. While he was galloping along he decided to play around with “The Pen.” He drew a pigeon the air, and instantly a flash of light came and the pigeon flew off. Then he drew a bow and one arrow, it dropped into his hands with that mysterious flash of light and when he fired it, it worked superbly. He actually enjoyed this very much; he was drawing flowers, trees, birds, and stones, anything that popped into his mind. When he got back to the castle Mr. Forse dismissed his lesson. When, he got inside, he took a quick shower, and just took a rest watching the sunset. Then he heard the dinner bell, he rushed down the stairs leaped the last 5 or 6 and sat down at the table. Queen Eesma Udero asked, “Why such a rush my young prince?” “Mother, I am famished,” panted Eesmacck. King Eesuarccko chuckled and began the feast. What was served at the meal was a turkey stuffed with tender cheese and potato stuffing. With a side of mashed potatoes and the richest, creamiest gravy with steamed peas and carrots. For dessert, we had a pineapple fruitcake with strawberry chunks here and there. Then, after it was all over, everyone went up to bed.

In the middle of the night, Eesmacck heard a sound of soft, padded footsteps. He woke up and saw a plump figure standing at the doorway, frantically looking around. When Eesmacck got better focus on the figure, he could see it was Professor Shard. Eesmacck gasped loudly and Professor Shard turned and gasped himself. Eesmacck asked, “What are you doing in my room?” “I came to tell you something very important,” said Professor Shard. “You have to leave the kingdom at once,” he said. “Why?” Eesmacck questioned, “Is something wrong?” “Indeed, something is terribly wrong,” exclaimed Professor Shard, “The Thangrill Troopers have ambushed Mundunda and captured “Their Royal Highnesses,” exclaimed Professor Shard. Tears were rushing to Eesmacck’s eyes, he struggled to hold them back, he just couldn’t do it, so he burst out in tears, and began weeping. Eesmacck quietly said in-between sobs, “I will go in to the Thangrill land and retrieve mother and father.” “Yes, you must, that is the other thing I was going to tell you,” said Professor Shard. “It is your choice, if you shall go alone or with company,” said Professor Shard. “I choose to go with company,” replied Eesmacck. “Then you may take up to six members in your group,” said Professor Shard. Eesmacck said to Professor Shard, “I will take myself, you, Mr. Forse, Lura Arul, Luta Arul, and their brother, Luart Arul. Eesmacck blew his whistle and met the Aruls outside. They had all the supplies ready, and of course “The Pen.” “Do we have everything we will need?” said Eesmacck. “Yes,” said Lura, “On that note, shall we get going?” Everyone agreed grabbed a horse and they were off into the night.

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