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Sometimes we forget the tragidies in life that brought us "all" together.
Twins and Heroes

We called it nine eleven
We didn’t use nine one one
That day we all remember
When the twins were all undone

Smoke and flames and everyone ran
But turned to check on friends
Then back into this nightmare scene
Where many lives would end

Fire trucks rolled and sirens scream
Just as they always do
When the call comes in to send some help
They rolled in just a few

The sky was truly falling
On that calm September day
The Twins were leaving piece by piece
They were not able to stay

The choir of sirens, wasn’t enjoyed
By any who saw them pass
We heard of all the destruction
That came to the Twins in mass

Triage units sped to the site
To aid because there was need
And many helpers lost their lives
While terrorist’s spread their seed

So many different heroes
So many we’ll never know
So many risked their own lives
It wasn’t just for show

Many searched in danger
Trying to save even one
Helping families not to loose
Their parents, a daughter or son

The states were all in shock that day
As the first Twin tumbled down
Then word came out, two other planes
From the sky came crashing down

Hundreds of heroes showed up that day
Not one had an “S” on their chest
Citizens of the United States
I salute you, you are the best

Just like the proud Lady Liberty
Who stands in the bay by the sea
Lets all stand up and say the words
My Country, ‘Tis of thee.

Philip W. Rider
Oct. 21, 2001
(In memory of the Heroes from Sept. 11, 2001)

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