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by Zoie
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Secrets Deep Within by Zoie Martello
I disguise my feelings with a mask of happiness. I protect it with my life, keeping all of my feelings away from even the ones I know and love most. There is one who knows my secrets that are kept deep inside. He is my best friend and he loves me most! My life would not be if not for him. He saved me and I will be in dept to him forever. The pain I feel because of my secrets is unbearable! I wish I could reveal them but that would mean sacrificing my friendship with the ones I love and care about most! I fear for them and myself. I do not know what lies ahead in this long painful journey they call life. But no matter what I will try to remain truthful to myself and others, and let them know what is in my heart. Although for now, my deepest darkest secrets will remain deep within.
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