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by Zoie
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This poem is about the meaning of love.
The Gift of Love by Zoie Martello
Love, it is a peculiar word. It means so many things but yet there is no word to describe what it is and what it is like to experience love. It is a feeling that can not be explained by words alone. Love means kindness, compassion, mercy, happiness, but at the same time it means suffering and sadness! True love can never be broken. Love lasts forever and it is needed in this world just as much as the air you breath. Love is a way of life! It protects you from evil and keeps you company when you are lonely. Love is a special gift I strive to find within me! I know it's somewhere down there but I just can't find it! Love is all I want all I need! All I see around me comes from love! Love is a special gift that I will treasure forever!

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