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the author's comments on the novella 'a boy named robin'
Dear Reader,

I wish to explain a little about my novella 'a boy named Robin'. Whether you have already read it or have yet to read it, I would like you to know a little about the history and how I feel about it today.

When I wrote this story I was nineteen years of age. Today I am twenty about to celebrate my twenty first birthday. I was going through a lot of tough times then and needed a theraputic way to express myself, I chose the form of writing.

I had been adopted at an early age and forbidden to get in touch with my biological father. I went my entire childhood wondering about what my parents were like while dealing with a new set of parents who didn't understand me nor wanted to. Back then my last name was different it had been changed from my birth mother's name Carl to my adoptive father's name Moore.

So when I created the character of Robin I lashed out at my adoptive parents by giving him the last name I used to posess.

I learned at the age of sixteen that my mother Wendy Carl had died of unknown causes in her thirties. I was told to keep myself busy so I wouldn't have to think about it. This was the worst thing I could have done. I was already heading for depression and when my adopted mother finally decided to tell me things about my family her words did not help.

She portrayed them to be terrible people noting over and over again that my Grandfather was a Nazi in the second world war. Having Jewish friends this caused me a lot more pain than it had too. So I invented Robin's Grandfather to get over it.

For more reasons than I can explain now, I have cut off contact with my adoptive parents,went back to my birth name, and have started a new relationship with my biological father.

I still keep with writing and though this peice did help me work through a lot of my pain by finally allowing myself to feel and express it, I do feel I am now capable of better writing.

So why did I bother to post it all?

I wanted to give you something else to read. Though it may not be THE BEST thing I have ever done, it is better than nothing until more comes your way.

I wish to also note though these events were based heavily on matters in my own life I am nothing like the character in the choices he makes. His choices reflected my negative feelings at the time and nothing more. His choices are the choices of a fictional character and not something that I in real life condone under any circumstances.

In short I hope the flaws and the darkness surrounding this story dosen't deter you from keeping with me as I continue to write. I try to write peices that are varied and different from the last thing that I have done. I hope you stay with me in my future works.

Sabrina Carl
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