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Love is needy, Love is hungry, but Love wants commitment.

Tenderly, her arms could hold me,
but not from this unhinged world,
as we’re spinning and spinning.
My gravity will never let me fall.

Feeling her body tight against mine
wouldn’t change a spectrum of light,
like blue eyes that cried clear tears,
darkening only the hues they settle on.

Tasting lips pressed against mine
wouldn’t create an increased hunger,
but only a feast for this greed
that broods in my coldest night.

Sweet scent of beaded sweat glistens
from our torsos locking embrace,
angularly adjacent in this darkness
in momentary shadowed excitement.

Don’t whisper my name in my ear,
because I don’t want to hear
the sounds of the world revolving, spinning,
falling in love with somebody it holds,
someone who fears love.

All the LOVE without Reward  (E)
Passion Pleas(e): Poems with no ribbons, unrequited offspring of my love.
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