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4th in a series of morning pages...which seems to be thematically developing.
Today is an unofficial Monday, with it's back to the three day weekend the city re-emerges with purpose.
My little corner is not so empty today but perhaps a bit lonely still. Too much work for the city folk to catch up on, there will be no leisurely stroll to the bus stop. No milling about the coffee shop to discuss upcoming plans, nor share the past weekends events.
The sun has come to visit yet again, but the slight chill in the breeze threatens that fall is upon us. The lizard hand leaves are beginning to turn a sickly shade of yellow that would indicate that they have exhausted their welcome, it is time for the tree to rest.There are more pants than shorts or skirts to be found bustling down the sidewalk even the occasional sweater.
The construction workers are back on the job and making steadfast progress on yet another one of those terrible under-thought condominiums that will be section eight housing in just as many years. With the change of season coming and skin disappearing for the year they had better hurry the job along else there will be further confusion as to who gets cat called. Summer is packing it's bags and this little corner is dusting off it's fall wardrobe.
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