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I hated it when people told me that. Much easier today with social media.
You Think Too Much

You think too much,
I'm told over lunch.
You needn't worry
about the worries of the world.
Are you getting thinner?

But if a wise man does
what simple men say,
then he sets the table of
ignorant complacency.

You think too much,
I'm told at my desk.
You're making us stressed.
Take the day off.
Go home and rest.

Competition is eliminated.
Jealousy aroused, persists.
If one man is simple, then
the other may be complex.

You think too much,
I'm told by my bartender.
You need to get laid,
watch some football,
or go on a bender.

But the world is not so simple.
Thinking too much is a gift.
I can't virtually masturbate
and let my mind go adrift.

You think too much,
sets my humor to play.
I look at that person and say,
You musn't think aloud.
You might disturb yourself.

I wrote this before I decided to go to college to get away from the simpletons. In retrospect, I did think too much but it couldn't fire a 20-watt bulb of mental brilliance...yet.
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