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Author's free form essay on opinions and thoughts of being an AGNOSTIC.

Things are unknown for an agnostic.
I do believe something is out there.
Things (as God) remains unknowable.
Just speaking on a temporal plain.
For myself, the proof of God's presence is not that apparent.

I started thinking in high school, I may be an agnostic.
In those days I'd never heard of the word "agnostic".
I don't mean I'm an agnostic atheist.
Atheism means you don't believe in the existence of God.
I have change my stand on this issue.
I may have become a jaded realist somewhat but...
I have a mean hunch something is out there.
I just refuse to call it God, because I sense the presence of more than one energy.

Of course, as one who believes in engineering,
I also like different forms of thoughts and belief systems,
including focusing attention to mystical matters.
Based on my experience, the science could influence the way you think.
Do me a favor? Take a look at my quiz called "Mind Control Projects".
If we have the technology, we will use it or at least experiment with it, right?
Just human nature, and that's also how we progressed scientifically throughout history.

I truly don't mean any disrespect for the faithful ones.
Used to be a believer in Catholicism myself.
I was in a foreign land introduced to more than seven types of religions.
Various forms of spiritual beliefs and a few New Age beliefs on top of that...
in search of improvement of oneself and make to contributions for the betterment of humankind.

Let me add, I had no choice as a child but to attend Catholic school.
There's a lot of good that comes from the teachings of the Bible.
It worked fine for two thousand years... to a certain extent.
But everything is not good against evil or black & white.
In this day and age... there are lots of gray areas.
Proof of the pudding is why do we have so many different variations of the Bible?
As time progressed, so did the Bible. The interpretation varied when it came to teachings of Christ. It was strictly based on the each authors interpretation.

Don't get me wrong, schooling helped me tremendously.
but I also saw some negative aspects of it.
Like when a Father whom we all respected as a principal of this particular school,
got caught molesting boys and all he got was a transfer
to another Catholic school in the Philippines as his punishment.
And this is the Father that always used to say,
"You will go to hell if you don't believe in God".
Using fear tactics to youths for his guilty pleasures was his M.O.

I heard recently this Father passed away.
I wonder where he ended up in his afterlife?
Place where he deserves, I'm sure.
Was he evil or just made a despicable mistake?
What this man did... is it forgivable? I personally know two classmates
that was victimized by this evil man.
I would love to ask that same question to those men that were molested,
during their youths by this predator wearing a collar.

I could only speak from what I saw in that school.
It's too bad all the other sincerely decent and honest priests & teachers,
had to endure humility & shame after their former boss left the campus.
One man can sure make a difference... both positively and negatively.

Too bad the one I'm talking about had a very negative influence.
I wonder who or what influenced him to be so evil and self-serving?
Crime on a child is unforgivable, when the perpetrator never gets punished
by the law and it's even more despicable when he is protected by the CHURCH?!!

I truly believe something is out there, in a different dimension.
I don't want to call it God but am I going to hell for that?
I don't believe so... because I'm not evil.
I just don't want to put a name on an unknown energy or entity.
But there are good and evil out there... and some in between.

Christopher Columbus... just because he did not want to lose his scalp,
when he came here and saw the natives for the first time,
he claimed he was God to save his hide. When asked by the natives,
"Are you God?" Of course, he said ,"yes".
I would of said the same thing in his boots.

I believe that kind of attitude was passed down based on human nature.
Lying to keep their hides and take control were goals of our discoverers.
Blasphemy and offense is not my goal to the religiously honed.
Agnostics like to think we are realists as much as possible.
I have a hard time believing in things... just blindly.

After all faith means you believe in something you can't see,
and to believe in something or someone with loyalty & trust in the
existence of God or Supreme Being without question is not realistic.
Now, is that so different from an agnostic?

Agnostic believes somethings (as God) are unknown,
and probably unknowable. Don't want to be redundant but I believe in the
left and right brain. Left is for logical thinking such as math and science.
Right side of the brain is for creativity such as art, music, and spiritual beliefs.
I do believe in some unknown energy's existence.
Electro magnetic field is invisible and we all know it really exists.

I hate wars and I'm sure we all do,
Then why is it we have it now?
Is it to go after what evil did to us?
I believe in protecting and defending from the ones who mean us harm.
After all we all were on the same bandwagon when the war started by supporting it.
Who's right now... can we all really say for sure we know?
Al Qaeda is definitely evil but how about the other Muslims? I don't think so.

After all, is this a religious war, right?
Whether we like it or not it's turning out that way, because war on terror sounds so vague. I'm a patriot, but I don't want our men & women in foreign hostile land.
But we all know some people need to be told if they are dead wrong.
Religion seems to be a cause of... a whole of lot of wars throughout history.

Blindly forgiving the people that wronged us before any resolve would,
Invite more violence aimed at us.
They have to be taught a lesson... correct?
Deep down inside, most people know right from wrong.
"Selfless" seems to be the popular word, but I see more "selfish" instead.
I think selflessness is always preached to the majority and the selected few uses those words to get what they want...
so they can control the mass with their selfish, self-serving ulterior motives.

We also know some people can't be helped or swayed,
because they have their own belief system that's not the same as yours.
And all parties involved are sure they are the righteous ones.
Searching inside within for answers would be nice.

Then maybe we can have an open mind... start thinking liked an Earthling race,
instead of just a citizen of one country.
We need to, in order to correct or protect ourselves from Global Warming and
other important issues like health. Some scientists think humans will be extinct
by the year 3000 if we keep damaging the Earth like we are now.

I believe there are good in all religions because it was created by human beings.
Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamic faith, Navajo Tribal beliefs, Shinto-ism, All American Native Tribal beliefs, and every single spiritual belief system that exists on Earth have commonalities... it is human being. Both men and women.
To me Agnosticism is also included with the rest.

Agnostics hope for peace, and people of faith pray for it.
Agnostics are hopeful, and Faithfuls are prayerful.
Then let me ask again, are we all that different?
I break no rules, I love peace, mankind, and I have true grit.
Aren't we all working for the same goal? Lets just respect each other's beliefs.
Ultimately we all want peace and happiness... right?
I am open minded therefore I have nothing against any religion as long as they
aren't pushy about it or take offensive action towards people who disagree with

I do appreciate the passion the believers have.
In return, please respect mine and let me remind you...
it's okay to have a difference of opinion within agnostics and believers.
That's what makes our country great for everyone and it's not just mine.
That's what makes the world go 'round.

I am an Earthling first,s and also a proud U.S. American.

Don't want to open a can of worms,
Apples and oranges maybe?
Please excuse for my crudeness with my metaphor,
Apples are believers of Faith, and orange are Agnostics.
They are applied science believers... both he & she.

I never claimed agnostic ways are for everyone... it's just mine.
Christianity in America works for the majority... but not for everyone.
Did you know Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are agnostics?
Do you think they're out of their minds? I don't believe so.
They spent billions of dollars of their own earned money,
for the betterment of our young ones' future.

Now are these men wrong or evil? You are twisted or wrong,
if you think so. I've never heard anyone else commit to...
forking out that much cash through just one announcement.
Two American individuals making a phenomenal difference!
Don't get me wrong, I don't claim to be in their league...
never will be, but I am proud to be just a simple Agnostic.

A religious god used to be enough.
In this day and age I really wonder.
Lack of proof have changed my views.
Until that day comes... I shouldn't ponder.

I believe as long as you live right.
You will end up in a good place...
in afterlife or after your lifeforce expires.
Scientists always claim life is an energy,
and they say it's impossible to destroy energy.

As an American we have to think of freedom.
Freedom of religion and other spiritual beliefs.
Just on faith, or on a temporal plane. Just take a pick.
It's okay to have a different POV.

Ben Franklin was an agnostic, inventor, & also a scientist.
Thomas Jefferson believed all men were created equal.
Did he mean, people that do not believe in god are lost souls?
If he did, he lied when he wrote, "All men were created equal".
Over 200 years ago, he believed it's okay to have a
difference of opinion... as long as the other person is
a peaceful and law abiding individual.

Theology and ideology is one thing.
Applied science is another, backed by proof.
It's a different and difficult subject, and cannot be compared.
Most scientists are agnostics. One scientist who claimed he's
a believer made the news recently. I wonder why that is?
It's because majority of scientists are agnostics.

How would our world be now, without scientific achievements?
I believe in pro-choice and want advancements in stem cell research.
Killing the embryo might be wrong to some but how about watching someone good you care about rot away and die in front of you. I've had that experience.
I believe in Evolution. I also like the idea of Creation. Earth created in 6 days is ridiculous notion. When I asked one priest about that he replied, "The Lord is speaking symbolically & not scientifically.
That kind of summed it up for me. Whenever convenient people have good answer for it, especially when it's well rehearsed.

I truly believe lifeforce is an energy. Sorry to be redundant but it's true.
Most scientists says it's impossible to destroy energy.
Therefore energy lives on even after our body no longer exist.
Scientists who knows about it don't like to offend believers.
Now, isn't "energy" in a scientific realm, just like a "soul" in a religious realm?

I believe I am an Earthling with lifeforce.
First thing now for Earthling race are to consider saving our planet.
That doesn't mean I don't need or want guidance. It's the opposite.
We all need to help each other and share things... especially information.
It means we all need to think globally. We need to get together to resolve the Global Warming process.
It won't happen if people did not have an open mind and decided to share.

Everyone should respect each other's beliefs and rights.
Then we could all work together for peace and friendship,
and then start doing things for our planet so it can live on.
Our human race could exist on Earth...
as long as scientifically and humanly possible.

We also need to explore space and look further into outer space.
Earthlings needs to explore space for survival of human race.
Then why are we concentrating on looking down...
on Earth from our spy satellites?
I'll tell you why... we just don't trust each other.

What's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong.
I don't need a religion to know what's right from wrong.
But I do have strong belief and conviction in what I say.
Wisdom is something you gain in life, with or without religion.
I also know I'm not perfect... just my own man.

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