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Nell hates all the hats in the shop. Can Merlin, Star and Zebedee help her?
Clip-Art of a Cat and a Witch's Hat.

Old Ma Nell's New Hat

Old Nellie said to Moon, her cat,
"It's time I bought myself a hat,
My old one has just got to go,
I've had it seven years, you know."

"We'll take the Kits, if they are good
And stay with you, just like they should.
We'll have to go there on the bus.
The broomstick won't hold all of us."

They reached the shop, and Nell sat there,
With Moon beside her on the chair.
She didn't like the hats she tried;
Too short, too tall, too slim, too wide.

The naughty Kits went to explore
The goodies in the magic store.
Then Zebedee pounced on a shelf
And knocked a hat down on himself.

"I hate these hats!" Nell shouted out.
"It looks like I must do without."
Right then, a hat came hopping by.
"That's just the one for me to try!"

She picked it up with eager glee,
And underneath was Zebedee.
Old Nellie cried "You clever Kit!
This really is a perfect fit."

"I'll wear it at the Witches' Ball,
I'm glad I brought you, after all.
There'll be a special cake for tea,
As your reward for helping me!"

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