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Harry Potter sends a gift to a special friend

         Jean didn't really believe Harry Potter would come to his fifth birthday party--he was probably in school and way too busy. But his Mom sent the invitation to him at Hogwarts School, anyway, and maybe, just maybe...

         The morning of his birthday Jean woke up extra early, he was just too excited too sleep! Mom was already awake and helped him fix cereal and milk.
Suddenly, there was a loud banging at the door! His Mom went to answer--but there was on one there. Up in the sky a snowy white owl was circling the house and on the doorstep was a large box and a letter that read:


          MOM, MOM! shouted Jean, can we open the box! Read me the letter!

         They brought the boX into the house, sat it carefully on the kitchen table and Mom slowly opened the large GOLDEN envelope.

         Dear Jean, she read, I cannot come to your party today as I have been assigned piles of homework for school. But Hagrid and I are sending you a special present. It is a baby dragon, a dragonette. He will eat bird seed and lettuce, and worms if you can find them. He must be kept warm and in the terrarium I have sent you. He is too young to fly, or breathe fire, yet. He will be yours to take care of for a year and a day. I will be back for your sixth birthday to take him home where he will have fire-breathing lessons and learn to fly.

         Your special friend,

         Jean and his Mom opened the box and lifted out a large glass aquarium with a tiny red and black-spotted creature inside.

         He looks like a lizard said his Mom! And just then they noticed a teeny tiny wisp of smoke coming from the creature's nose!

         Oh Mom, said Jean, it's a dragonette, and I'm going to call him SPOT--this is the best birthday ever!

         And Jean wondered--would Harry really come back in a year and a day?


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