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The dreamer captured in a time and a place that no longer exist except in memory.

8 x 10

A yellow field ripples
like waves on a sunset ocean.
My eyes wander there,
though I should not stray.

My heart leads me out
into that clear vision.
Dank fumes seem to fade.
An idle mind starts to wade.

Weightless, lifted higher,
I sink into the frame,
center upon a nearing horizon
that strokes the lucid pane.

The rush of a new world
arrives in new silence,
escaping the heavy day
to a valley that beckons me.

Bittersweet, the isolation,
love's happy desolation;
my jubilant heart blushes
inside a widening blue apron.

Time lapse, sucked of eternity,
the stolen moment passes.
A redeemed heart shines,
filled; no longer confined.

Reawakened by reality,
the dreams I tuck away.
Pretending heart still at play
escapes inside an 8 by 10.

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