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by SueVN
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A witch in the pantry? Maybe.
Sheila opened and slammed shut the kitchen cabinet doors desperate to find chocolate. How could this fancy place she was house-sitting not have chocolate? Pots, pans, glasses, booze, but no chocolate. She eyed the pantry. Of course. She opened the door to find a witch standing there.

Sheila looked down; the witch looked up. Coming to Sheila's teenage waist, the creature was as round as it was tall.

"Got a problem, Sheila?" The voice was high-pitched and scratchy.

Sheila looked at the round, pasty face, short black hair sticking out from under a black pointed hat. A black gown, belted at what would have been a waist if she had one, draped the small body. Pointed white shoes emerged from below.

"I'm sorry." Sheila paused. "I didn't know anyone was here. You look like a witch. Did you know that?"

The witch pounded the handle end of a broomstick, now noticed by Sheila, on the floor. Smoke emerged from the broom end. "Of course, I'm a witch, you idiot."

A short shrouded arm came out to push Sheila aside and the witch walked into the kitchen.

"What have you got to eat?"

Sheila watched her open the bottom cabinets, the top ones being well out of reach.

"Well, I just got here. I'm house-sitting. And how is it you are a witch?"

The witch discovered a box of shredded wheat and popped one in her mouth. "Yuk, dry. Tastes like cardboard. Got anything sweet?"

Sheila reached in the cookie jar and gave her a sugar cookie. "Here you go."

The witch munched on the cookie. "Milk, if you don't mind."

"Of course." Sheila rolled her eyes and opened the refrigerator. She poured a glass, handed it over and set the carton on the counter.

"Thank you. Now, what was the question?" The witch chewed the cookie holding it with white, stubby hands, eyes turned up to Sheila.

"Are you really a witch?"

The witch grinned, revealing pointed teeth, "Elmira, at your service. Well, actually you are at my service."

"Me?" Sheila leaned back on the counter and folded her arms.

"Yes, I require some staff. You know, good people willing to work hard, be on time, that sort of thing."

"And what would I have to do?"

"Prepare my meals, keep the house tidy, don't make any noise during my naps and don't comment on my nightly escapades."

"Doesn't sound too tough." Sheila fetched another cookie and passed it over.

"Ah, yes," the witch smiled with big white dimples. "I see you anticipate other's needs. I like that."

"Where do you live?"

"Right here. I'll stay while you housesit. We'll do it on a trial basis and see how we get along."

Sheila paused. She wasn't supposed to have overnight visitors, but witches?

"Well, OK." She turned to put the milk away and heard purring next to her on the counter. A black cat with white paws and white face looked at her.


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