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         She opened the door to find a witch standing there.
          “Trick or Treat, smell my wart, give me some toad legs to eat,” The witch said.

         “MOMMY!!!!! There’s a witch at the door, a real, live witch. She has a real wart and everything! She scares me!!,” Cassie yelled.
         As Cassie’s mom came to the door, she was saying, “Honey, witches don’t really exist, you know that. They are make—“she gasped.
         This was the ugliest kid she had ever seen. Either it was a really great disguise or the ugliest kid ever.
         She handed the girl some candy in hopes of her going away, but all she did was stand there, chanting, “Trick or Treat, smell my wart, give me some toad legs to eat.”
         This was starting to freak them out. Then, when she was starting to question her sanity, the little girl just up and walked away. Weird.
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