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A short sample from a novel i am writing. It tackles problems we face in the world today.
Insults and violence are what make me. Penetrating the skins of my victims, soaring deep within their bodies. The anger and rejection making them feel unwanted, unneeded. An outsider in a world that is just as much his or hers as it is everyone else’s. I cause pain and misery to millions. The reason I do so is because they are different, different from what is considered ‘normal’.

I have been present for hundreds of years and will continue to be for hundreds more. The only way to escape me is to use me, make my words echo in our victims’ head, make them want to hide in a dark corner and make them wish they were invisible. Harsh I know but it’s all about survival, and to survive in such a vicious world, you need me. Without me you will be the victim. Then again if you are ‘different’ then you will be a victim anyway. I am here day and night across the world; I can guarantee that you have heard me. Heard the many tones of my voice shout, and whisper threatening messages. I never have been and never will be the victim. I am always the normal one in every situation. No matter how tough you think you are you are nothing compared to the power I possess. I can dominate your mind; torture you with your own thoughts and perceptions that you have of yourself. I can make you see yourself in the darkest of lights, so much so that you would give anything to change, become normal.

You will not have seen me as I take many forms, one day I can be an elderly women walking down the street, the next I can be a disruptive teenager. I am never in just one place at a time; in fact I am in hundreds all at once. When the sun sets for my victims on one side of the world it rises for the others on the opposite side. I feed off the pain and misery of others. The energy soars through my veins like it were poison, and in some ways I guess it is. With each day that passes I gain more and more energy. Energy that is used to gather more followers, people who will use me to their advantage, escaping the tragedy of being another of my victims.

The only emotions that I possess are negative ones. I often think that I am the way I am because I misunderstand everyone around me. The lack of knowledge in certain situations is certainly a contributor in the amount of frustration and anger I feel. I think I misunderstand people because I am set in my ways. I can stick with people that long that I become part of who they are. I force them to seek out victims and in doing so they start to feel the same energy rush as I do, poison in our veins. It becomes so powerful that they develop an addiction, an addiction to me. They long for their next fix of pain and despair. I actually find it sickening how weak and pathetic humans can really be.

If I get hold of you then there’s no way out. I will make you become so fixated on the power and energy you can receive, that there will be no time for anything else. I will turn your innocent blood into streams of evil; claim your soul from you. Only few have escaped the temptations I offer, but will you be one of them?

If you think you haven’t ever experienced me then you’re wrong. I have been apart of everyone on this planet. The negative, bullying thoughts in the back of your head, that’s me. I’m the devil on your shoulder, niggling at every little thing people say or do. Pointing out their flaws, making you harass them until they fear you. You can’t say that you don’t enjoy it; the power I give to you is greater then any other power. It’s like with each human I corrupt the bigger my army becomes, because that’s what you turn out to be, a soldier in my ever expanding army. It’s a war between the normal and the freaks, and I never lose a battle.
When I say freaks, you know the ones I mean, the ones we give labels to. The people who are always standing out from the crowd for reason like; different music/fashion taste, ethnic background, sexuality, whatever it may be. If they are different then they are labelled freaks.

We are all different for a reason but no matter how accepting some people may be there will always be others who have me inside of them, consuming their thought and assumptions of the world. No matter where you go to try and escape me I will always find a way to get to you.

I am a voice heard by many. I am the voice of discrimination.
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