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Holly finds out she's pregnant, so what will she and boyfriend Jesse do?
Dedicated to my mom and dad, for bringing me up so well, and to Charvel, for opening me up to true friendship.

Authors note: I just started writing this, well, a year ago, but I only have a little of it done, so please comment it!
~Cali Costello

Chapter One

It was a wamr, sunny day towards the end of the summer. Holly Soogurs sat patiently in the waiting room at the doctors office. She had really hoped Jesse Colezer, her boyfriend of a year, would have been able to be there, but he had had to work.
Holly hadn't been feeling well lately. She frequently had "morning sickness," and her cycle had ceased for about three months. She took a home pregnancy test, but, hoping it was wrong, decided to go to the doctor. Besides, if she was pregnant, she needed to see a doctor anyway.
"Holly Soogurs? Come with me, please." Said a nurse who had just appeared in the overcrowded room.
Holly followed the nurse down a long, narrow corridor, then into a small office on the left.
"The doctor will be with you in a few minutes." The nurse said as she disappeared.
Finally, when the doctor did appear, Holly felt ages older.
"Holly Soogurs? I'm Doctor Walter," said a short, balding man.
"Umm...hi," a meek Holly smiled.
"So, after examining you test results, I'm afraid they were positive."
Holly just sighed, and maybe even started to cry a little.
"I'm sorry, I know how difficult this can be for a girl of only sixteen, but you must consider you options here."

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