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My attempt at symbolism through writing.

Walking down the street everyday with people staring as if you have death following you. The thought that if they come near you something terrible is going to happen, is just one of the wrong assumptions people make.

We can’t ignore or forget the sorrow that we face in the world. The fact that there is constantly a war being fought, just goes to show the impurity we try our best to disguise.
Some people, right enough, express their feelings more visually then others and for that they get victimised. Everyone is misunderstood in some way or another but when you stand out clearly in a crowd there are bound to be implications. Why do most of us feel the need to be popular and act in ways in which we wouldn’t normally? Are we just that worried about being an outcast that we ignore our ability to express ourselves and show our true colour? Those who do manage to express themselves are the strong ones among us. It doesn’t matter how it is they do show their colour it is the fact that they can that is so special. They hold a unique quality that secretly we all want to contain, the ability to be who you are and not let anyone put you down.
Like those who dress in a gothic way for example; everyone just assumes that they are obsessed with anything and everything to do with death. But if fact it is only a very small proportion that are, the rest are like free spirits, they are able to experience every emotion in an open hearted way. They generally don’t live through the nightmare and chore of fitting in all the time.

Ultimately most of us only see black as a symbol for grief or death and we are constantly failing to see the bigger picture. Everything will continue to be black and white until we learn to express ourselves in our own way.

That’s the big challenge in life, to find the colour.
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