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A poem discribing the ways of life.
It flew past like a bullet being carried by the wind
Carrying with it all the world catastrofies done by
Sometimes it was dark,Sometimes it was light
Sometimes it was war without a single reason to fight
The rules said ignorance was bliss and damn them for
being right!
Because with every knowledgeible thing you learned
nothing seemed right.
Some people thought they had cheat codes to win the
But with every one you entered only choas came
You felt like you've been lied to!
Cheated! Wronged!
But in truth you were just caught following along
You should have been aggressive and chose your own
Now you've taken 1 step foward and 2 back-- to the
Now you must ask how to start a game you don't know
where to begin
And how to win a game without the answers to advance
to the end.
Its easy! This game we call "life" we live once,so
treat it as so and stop trying to cheat it.
You can't defeat something that is immortal.
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