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It was just another tram ride home for Charlie, nothing more.
A smile spread across Charlie’s face as a number 5 tram came steaming along the tracks and straight for her stop. As she fights her way amongst the wave of people, she mentally counts to 3 before making a dash for the front and into the closing doors. And into the dying seconds did Charlie manage to slip through pass the tiny gap.

Sweating and panting from her little run she set a world record first; for the fastest woman to ever receive a tram full of traveler’s attention. It was dead silent; ghostly almost. The only sound to be heard was a cough, from a buff guy who had his attention glued to his book before Charlie arrived.

To avoid, somewhat, an already awkward scene, Charlie lowered her head and walked aimlessly around the truckload of squished people and found a cozy spot just on the other side of the tram, adjacent to the doors, and leaned against the hard glass reading the MX.

While the tram started to thrust forward and into a glide, everything became as it were before and Charlie was no longer the ‘woman of the hour’, or so it seemed. Just to where she was standing, a handsome young businessman was hiding behind his newspaper, sneaking glances at her, alluringly. As if she could see! Just when the tram would come to a halt, she would look up causing him to duck down furthermore, receiving odd stares from his neighbors. But he failed this time as Charlie caught his gaze, but no, she didn’t shy away nor- worse- blush, she showed gesticulation through with a smile, which he blatantly returned, sexily.

“Corner Dandenong road and Chapel street.” the intercom sounded as the tram neared the next stop.

Her eyes furrowed as did his. Charlie didn’t want to leave, but this was her stop; and what better timing too because the doors opened drawing in shots of cold, winter air into the carriage. Her eyes met his for the last time before hopping off the tram. Wrapping an already tightly wrapped scarf around her neck, she stopped at the lights and turned back to only see that the tram was, steadily, rolling away.

Pierre sighed, frustrated, and flipped through the pages of his newspaper. As hard as he could get about, he really did wish this journey was a journey of a lifetime, not a mere 10 second silent fling. Oh how radiant he thought she was- even though they didn’t speak a word, he knew she was one of a kind.

“Corner Dandenong and Orrong road.” The intercom sounded again, bringing Pierre out from his delirium.

And as the tram came about to another stop, he hopped off into the cold night and walked home, humming the ever so familiar lover’s tune.

“At last, my love has come alive.” he sang quietly, attempting to leap into the air and click his heels.
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