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Lyrics about a girl who was last seen carrying a bag of notes away from her home.
Juan Zhang

Card sharks shedding every inch of their souls
As the old men watch the dice role
Caffeine kicks give wings to the night
Till the croupier slams the door closed

More fools waiting on the street outside
Caus we love false hope in this town
And they won’t leave the line at closing time
Caus they’ve got nothing to go home for

Intifada Intifada They say
To the one lost soul as she walks away

Gun shots ring through the dead of the night
And hit the first chapter of dawn
They leave fresh flowers on a metal fence
Where God doesn’t live anymore

And it don’t make sense and it won’t make sense
But it will make the news by four
Who’ll come take pictures as evidence
And talk guns, bad manners and war

Intifada Intifada They say
About the one lost soul that walked away
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