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by Virgo
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To myself for the coming year, keep my head above water and see me swim away.
Dear me,
The goals of this year, are many and exceedingly wide-ranged, so take notes! To begin with, self, I would like you to lose a few pounds before December 31 rolls around again, mostly so that you can be healthy and feel better, instead of the usual ‘vain’ reasons. Second, and perhaps more important than the above, you had better finish that book you’re working on, no, not the dinky one you’ve been working on forever, the drawing one, with all the wolves, have it done by the time you go back to school, that is one week from yesterday! Next, you need to work on your organization skills, keeping your room clean is essential for any artist or writer, and especially a linguist; without organization, notes, doodles, and important pieces can go missing, so keep your room spic and span for the rest of the year, after that it shouldn’t be so hard. A new computer would be nice, but don’t get ahead of yourself, earning money and receiving straight A’s in college next semester is even higher on your priority list than the other stuff mentioned. You need to earn good grades to get a good job in future, especially if you’re aiming for that language degree. Keep your work ethics as they are and never change them! The people you work with seem to like you when you work hard, so keep up the good work, and strive to do better, don’t let Megan get ahead of you, a friend she may be, but she is also a terrific person to have as a friendly rival. Also, make a mental note to improve your drawing skills, you need to figure out how to work GIMP properly so you do all the neat stuff the other artists can do with their pictures on the computer, after all, computer arts is the next step in visually and aesthetically pleasing images. That and it looks really neat when you show your friends what you did and they deny that you could be that good. Keep your friends closer than ever this coming year, these people care about you more than anything, don’t fall out of touch because you got lazy, like you usually do; half the time you can’t even be bothered to drop me a note, and I’m you! That, however, is beside the point, what I’m trying to say is, work hard, keep your chin up, the coming year will bear many trials and many heavy burdens that you will bear on your own, but it will get better, it always will get better, so don’t worry, let the stress slide away and relax when you can.
Jamie Vigil
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