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by Samar
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Through all the pain, anger, hurt, and guilt she still manages to hold herself together. Her mind is clustered with questions that remain unanswered. Her heart is shattered in a million pieces. But her will is as strong as it could ever be. She is determined and very well capable of getting what she wants and deserves. No one will stand a chance against her fire. No soul will ever be able to compete with her own and she will fight - alone - with no one to protect, guide, or help her simply because there is not one person that can reach the bar that she has set. And the faulted ones, the ones that managed to aid that fire with fuel, will be sure to get theirs on a specified day. That day for them will be the end of the end. They will lose all desire for life and all hope for the future. Regret will be the one and only subject on their minds.
Their skies will fall, their oceans will flood, their lives will be worthless, their lies will backfire, their minds will freeze up, and their hearts will melt with sorrow.

Why would someone go out of their way to try to harm you when all you've ever done was prove to them how much you care? They constantly find backroads to block off just to keep you from reaching your destination, to keep you from being you, and to slowly pull you away from the ones that have real love for you.


The unanswered will become and stay unknown -

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