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Misadventure with Canned Peas
Splattered On The Wall

Mommy gave me canned peas,
She said I had to eat them
Before I got my nuggets,
Or any tater tots.
So what’s a kid to do?
It’s such a big decision,
I piled a bunch upon my spoon
And aimed with great precision.

Splattered on the wall
Watch those canned peas fall
Sliding, sliding,
Ever sliding
Dripping dripping

Splattered on the wall,
In patterns big and small
It doesn’t matter
How it splatters,
It looks good to me!

Mommy came in the kitchen,
Her face was turning red.
She was holding a plate of nuggets
They fell to the floor.
Her mouth was opened wide,
Such a target I confide!
So I piled a bunch upon my spoon
And aimed for the dark inside!

Peas splattered on the wall
Mom wasn’t pleased at all,
They hit her cheek,
And made a creek,
Right down her brand new blouse.

Splattered on the wall,
The green pea globs they fall.
A slimy trail
Like a big green snail
Plop, plop, plop, plop plop!

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40 lines
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