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by Mitch
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My first attempt at a Sestina. The hardest thing I've ever written.
I know that law enforcement is a choice.
This life we live that keeps us on a line
Is more than just a job or vocation.
A symbol is what each of us must be
When we put on the lonely uniform.
Each day we sit the post 'tween hope and fear.

Our loved ones always try to hide their fear
But know that facing danger is our choice.
They're proud to know we wear the uniform
To try to keep the criminals in line.
Beneath the pride the angst will always be
Alive and anxious with this vocation.

So while we work this risky vocation
We will find times that are so filled with fear
That only training allows us to be
The one who always can make the right choice.
Those times we spend out on the firing line
Assure us we'll stay safe in uniform.

The weapons worn aside our uniform
Are more than a tool of our vocation.
They deter those that may just cross the line.
We hope that those in guns may freeze from fear
But will shoot straight when they make the wrong choice.
So with regret they'll sometimes cease to be.

The stress of this hard life can sometimes be
enough to make us leave the uniform.
For those who can live long within this choice
It is a prefect fit, this vocation.
These are the ones who learn to use the fear
Able to always walk this nervy line

Protect and serve is more than just a line.
For us it is the only way to be.
We all adapt and learn to live with fear
And will not let it stop the uniform.
Our families may suffer from this choice
But understand we fit this vocation.

We line up each day in our uniform.
So pleased to be part of this vocation.
We fear mostly a life without this choice.
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