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Life’s Weathers


How did the word sound? I surveyed a number of people, mostly from my school, of what kind of weather they would want. On a normal day basis, with no school or work, mostly answered sunny. Why? It was because they could go shopping, picnicking, and other outdoor-activities. Others say it was because the sunny weather has a happy ambiance. No question about that.

It’s always a bummer if rain pours down on a special occasion or even an ordinary day. It ruins everything, from your new-bought shoes to your dry-cleaned suit. Why is that? People think so negatively without carefully thinking about the facts. Ancient people think rain means abundance. It’s supposed to bring luck to farmers for a good harvest. It’s all topsy-turvy now.

I like the rain, every time a droplet touches something; it produces a sound, a very soothing sound. It’s like it’s communicating with you. Every drop has a language. All you need to do is listen. Have you experienced dancing in the rain? Try it. It massages your body and, more importantly, your spirit. It’s relaxing. But that’s not the only reason why I like it. The rainy clouds, in poetry, mean confusion, trouble, and problems. But behind those ugly descriptives and sad words, something in a much deeper meaning resurfaces. It is that after a rain shower, you know the sun will always shine again.
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