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Anyone who wants to know the truth of the saying, come here.
I believe whether or not your glass is half empty or full is dependant on the situations you encounter. For example you might get an “A” on a test one day, and you’d be pumped. However that same night your girlfriend calls you and dumps you for the asshole you hate in English class. In this case it is both a great day and a terrible day, leaving you feeling melancholy in the middle. Your glass is even, 50/50.
Most people’s lives are like this. They are all lost somewhere in the tragedies of dead center. At times a streak comes on when you know that glass is half full and it’s only going up! But guess what, such is not the case. That cup won’t fill up, something will come along to jab hope in the heart. It’ll grip you for a few days, and you’ll know that cup is draining faster than your Uncle’s bottle of rye. But guess what? Life goes on, your cup stays dead even you don’t let anything get you worked up, good or bad. This only lasts a few weeks before the cycle picks up again dragging you onward despite a valiant effort to break free of its tightening grip. So why you ask, do we let ourselves do this? Because we love it.
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