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Pain and misery. Stuck in a limbo; a no man's land. The twilight zone.
A fire of ice and a frozen flame.
Life and death are just the same.
Winds of fear do the demons tame.
Where am I without a name?

Why am I alone? What have I done?
I seem invisible, under the yellow sun.
Raging thoughts, make me run.
I've been seperated; I have been shunned.

I feel like I'm burning alive.
Sent to the gallows at the stroke of five.
Decaying slowly in this carrion hive.
Losing my breath every moment I survive.

Searing daggers scar my heart black.
Taken so many steps, I cannot go back.
Nightmares and dreams into my mind attack.
Thorns of malice cause my soul to crack.

I don't know if I'll see the light of day.
As life seems to have faded away.
The pendulum swings; it changes its sway.
Nothing more have I left to say.

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