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A tribute to a depressed friend of me
“Strength Within Me”

My friend, you're leaving and I can tell
You'll be gone a long time
All your words are a memory as your face dissolves into time
It may take all my life to find you again, but you're the strength within me

You were always there when I cried, to help fight back the tears
Forever you listened to my problems and conquered my fears
If I ever had the chance once more, I'd thank you for your love
And the hardships we went through
I always found myself on the edge but you managed to pull me back

If time were free, I would lock it all away, to share a thousand moments
With you each day. I can't wait to have you in my arms again
You are my strenght within.
Everything is nothing if you throw it all away
You never know what you really miss until its gone one day

Time only moves one way
You know the past will always stay the same
Moving on is harder than anything before
All you want to do is go back and live it once more
I loved every moment, and i'd do it all again
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