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Two friends, and nothing more.
Not Meant To Be

I look in her eyes,
I read her smile.
There's nothing there,
Nothing worthwhile.

The two of us, we're friends,
Friends and nothing more.
Though I can't help but feel,
Feelings I've never had before.

I feel my heart tingle,
Each time she looks my way.
I feel myself smiling,
When I see her everyday.

But we're just friends,
She doesn't feel the same.
She wouldn't ever play,
Along with this kind of game.

For I know that I love her,
But no, it's not right.
A female and a female,
Lying together each night.

How would it work?
I'd never find out.
Because I know for a fact,
It could never work out.

If I touched her,
The way I wanted to.
She'd never speak to me again,
Our friendship would be through.

So I'll keep it to myself,
I'll think about it on my own.
Wondering what would have happened,
If she had ever known.

Author's Note: I'm looking for some reviews currently for this, because I would really like to make it better. It's rated the way it is for safety, for if it gets a little more mature as I edit it. Thanks!

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