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A journey through forests and obscure medical facilities. Please rate and review!
Guided only by moonlight, my lungs burned as I raced through the forest. I was exhausted, freezing cold and desperate to find somewhere to rest. Running between the bare trees, I was twisting and turning, struggling to evade my attacker. Gradually, I stopped to listen to the forest that engulfed me. I could no longer hear the pounding footsteps behind me; the only sound was that of my ragged breathing. At last, I was alone.

The pure white snow crunched beneath my feet as I trudged forward aimlessly. Only then did I realise that I was completely lost. Each tree looked identical in the growing darkness. I pulled my jacket tighter as the cold gripped my shoulders.

Ahead of me, I noticed a dimly lit, dilapidated building. The door looked ancient, fashioned from rotting wood. Cautiously, I approached the door. My trembling hands moved towards the door, but to my astonishment it hissed open automatically.

Behind the door was like a different world. A jet black spiral staircase led downwards, deep underground. The stark silence was broken by my trainers, squeaking on the white tiled floor. With all my remaining energy, I clambered down the steps. Each stride felt enormous, my legs becoming heavier as cold racked my body. 

At the bottom, a maze of endless corridors led in every direction. Everything was perfectly clean, but completely deserted. Confused and weary, I selected a corridor and stumbled forwards. The only light was artificial, falling in strips across the floor. An eerie breeze whispered through the corridors, accompanied by a peculiar buzzing.

After walking for what felt like hours, my legs buckled and I fell to the floor, drained and exhausted. I was drifting in and out of sleep when I heard footsteps. Unlike the pounding footsteps that haunted me, the soft, gentle steps came ever closer and I didn’t try to flee. Suddenly, the silence returned. The footsteps had stopped. I opened my eyes slowly, fearful of what I may find.

‘Hello! You must be new.’ She greeted me pleasantly, reaching out to touch my aching arm.

When I next prised open my eyes, I was alone once again. With renewed energy, I rose to my feet and surveyed the corridor. Shuffling through the sprawling network of corridors, I noticed a door. Shadows moved behind the frosted glass as I pushed on the cool steel plate. The door swung open.

Beyond the door was a bright, cheerfully decorated room. The walls were reminiscent of a nursery, with cartoon animals pursuing each other through the jungle. Hospital beds lined the walls, surrounded by overpowering, bright curtains. I heard mumbling voices to my left, which I followed. A small group of people were relaxing, watching the television. A news report flashed onto the screen, and my face stared back at me. Puzzled, I turned towards one of the empty beds. Feeling overwhelmed by tiredness, I collapsed on the soft welcoming mattress. Comfortable at last, my head sunk into the pillow and my gaze drifted upwards. The name above the bed was mine. I was trapped.

A nurse swept around the corner, smiling unnaturally. I had no time to hide.  Dropping to my feet, I rushed to the door, where I was met once again by the maze of corridors. Bewildered and confused, I desperately searched for the staircase. Red lights flashed and the buzzing became louder as I ran. Finally, I found the staircase, jet black against the white walls.

This time there was no escape.

A man in a white lab coat appeared from nowhere. Grasping a clipboard and smirking menacingly, his dark eyes bore into me. My clothes were torn and muddy; my face was streaked with scratched and tears.

‘Ah. After a few minor incidents, you have finally arrived.’ His voice was deep, with an obscure accent.

As he walked towards me, I heard his footsteps. His sinister expression now made sense. From behind, I felt a sharp needle in my right arm.

My body slumped to the ground.
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