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The mystery of a moonlight dancer seen by a young girl each night.
Moonlight Dance

I waited every night just to catch a glimpse of one girl. The sound of her soft footsteps padding across the grass, the echoing sound of her folorn voice, the gentle splashing of the lake as she dances across it, seemingly floating across its sparklings waters.

For you see, there's a ghost haunting my home.

Every night she comes out, singing softly, as though in pain, dancing rhythmically, as though performing on a stage. But really, she sings for no one, but dances for me. Her only audience is me. I wait patiently until the bright moon casts a gentle glow over the lake, and she steps out, her voice filling the quiet night sky, her dances reflecting on the water's surface, her image jumping wildly as she leaps and bounds and spins, with an air of ease.

But she's miserable.

Her face is full of sadness, her expression daunting, her songs full of woe, of pain. She dances slowly, gracefully, the same saddened look upon her beautiful face; her gentile features perfectly dfined; her blue eyes tearful; her blonde hair flowing limply at her sides.

It looks as if she's lost something...or someone.

The way she speaks, sings, moves, dances. It's as if she's mourning for someone. She has a longing about her that seems so unreal, so desperate that it's frightening. Her dance will only cease once the sun rises. It's said that she will only stop at night if she is reunited with or so much as sees the person she is searching for. She is a restless spirit, devoting her afterlife to searching for someone, singing to call them out, dancing like it's some kind of ritual that must be performed.

But who is it...?

The clothes she wears...a long, flowing white dress. Pure and gleaming, seemingly new. She couldn't be a bride...a princess, perhaps? Maybe she's searching for a relative? A lover? A prince? It could be anyone, or anything...

I can't wait any longer to find out.

That's all I can stand. I'm going to see her. And she'll know I've been there, watching her, for however long it has been, my mesmerised mind unable to wait any longer to find out these answers I've been searching for. I want to help finally lay her to rest.

I walk towards her...

She stops. She stops moving. She stops singing. She does nothing.

But wait..!

She looks right at me. She speaks.


She knows my name! How?


I know her name?!

This is strange. I don't know her. I don't know anything about her! It's like someone has taken over me, and I don't know what to do...

'Where have you been...?'

Again she talks to me!

'I've been looking for you...'

What am I doing? This isn't right! I wasn't going to say that! I wasn't looking for her at all!

Then I stop thinking completely. My mind goes blank.


I'm sitting by the lake. No one around me. On my own. No Oria. No nothing.
But I'm still confused.
What happened to me?

To Be Continued...

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